Create value from ISO compliance

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“Next year we’ll get 100%, same as this year… because it is all in beSlick.”

Rory Delahoyde, Owner HA Hosting & Holbrook Telecom
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If ISO is just a tick box, we’re not for you.

ISO compliance means evolving how you operate and adopting continuous change.

It’s easy to document your processes, but it is hard to have everyone follow them – and even harder to have them keep improving.

If you’re not ready to change, we’re not for you.

ISO is a journey, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to leverage ISO as the foundation to create value for customers, employees and partners – we can help.

beSlick ISO is a packaged service & software platform that helps you live your processes so they continually evolve.

Employees enjoy a simple to-do list which includes ISO related tasks, driven by a powerful process engine built according to your ISO framework. Activity is time stamped and reportable with compliance and feedback being fully transparent.

Audits become a breeze and your business thrives.

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Time to make work better

Free 30 minute consultation call. Our privacy policy.

“When I implemented ISO there was no way I was going to pay lip service to it.

It had to make sense and not be a burden on the business.

It had to be a foundation that added value to my business.”

Alister Esam, CEO beSlick & author of The Dirty Word

Create value from compliance

be efficient

Make the agreed process easy to follow.

Ensure everybody has the right data and guidance at the right time to get the job done to the best of their ability.

Ensuring nothing is ever missed or forgotten

be compliant

Ensuring you are always, always audit ready.

Ensuring all your compliance activities are tracked.

Ensuring any compliance issues are properly recorded and addressed.

continuously improve

Allowing your ISO procedures to evolve and improve.

Harnessing the power of your entire workforce.

Make your ISO processes work better and be less bureaucratic.

Free 30 minute consultation call. Our privacy policy.