HRCentral looks to improve control of day-to-day business activities with the help of beSlick

HRCentral helps to reduce the pain of managing HR by providing outsourced functions to companies to save both time and stress. A rise in clients, driven by their high levels of service, has spurred them on to expand the business. However, in order to expand, they’ve identified the need to document their own internal processes first, and regain control of their daily activities. This is where beSlick.
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HRCentral was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Woolmington, using her now 20 years of expertise within HR to create a service that alleviates stress to SMEs by managing their HR needs. The business grew to become a success through the ambition of Rebecca and is now leading a business that operates throughout the Thames Valley area, offering HR consultancy and audits with a growing team that prides themselves on offering a high level of customer service.

The challenge

Training new employees

With the team expanding rapidly, it’s imperative that new employees are brought up to speed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to business. With plenty of complex systems for people to get their heads around, it’s typically taken up a lot of the team’s time to get their new colleagues trained and ensure they’re meeting the required standards.

Maintaining a high level of customer service

The team pride themselves on providing a high level of service, but nothing is in place to ensure processes are performed the same way every time. There is the worry that things could be missed or employees could be following a process that misses out vital steps. This has caused concern for Rebecca who wants to keep their great reputation and ensure every employee is delivering what has been promised to prospective clients.

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The solution

beSlick is software for process enablement. It enables you firstly to map all your processes and then ensure that they are performed the same way by everyone, every time, it means that your business is capable of running without you – freeing you up to get back to the things you really enjoy. 

With their goal to expand while maintaining a high level of customer care, HRCentral wanted to improve internal processes and communication to ensure employees could work more efficiently while achieving the highest standards. beSlick provides the ideal platform to achieve this.

“It’s so easy to use. beSlick gives me control back of my business by knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time. We need to standardise our own processes, especially as we recruit new staff. beSlick is the best tool for that.”

Rebecca Woolmington, MD of HRCentral

The Results

Quicker to train new members of the team

beSlick has made it is easy for HRCentral to bring new starters up to speed quickly. Every business process is clearly documented and staff have everything they need to learn and perform tasks the right way, every time.

“Members of the team can use a process and get a new starter set up with everything they need in just a few easy steps. It’s a great training tool”.

A rise in productivity and quality

The HRCentral team are working more efficiently than ever and have seen a sharp rise in productivity.

“I’m using it for invoices, recruitment, time-sheets, checking tasks are being completed and it’s helping us in our process to re-organise our internal filing system for our business.”



  • Drag & drop builder
  • Forms, video & documents
  • Centralised & secure
  • Feedback & improvement


  • Checklists that follow process
  • Simple to-do list for every user
  • Visual reports & dashboards
  • Integrate 3,000+ apps


  • Track compliance
  • Record ‘why not done’
  • All activity time stamped
  • Audit trail of changes

beSlick integrated features

Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick

be focused

  • Every user enjoys a daily to-do list of what to focus on.
  • Prioritize, snooze, reassign & email integration.
  • Automated notifications ensure nothing gets missed.

be collaborative

  • View and manage everyone’s work in real time.
  • Automatically notify each team member when things need doing.
  • Raise & resolve issues as tasks progress.

be consistent

  • Easily create complex process & workflows
  • Centralize in your secure, searchable library.
  • Run as task checklists that exactly follow the process.
  • Everyone knows what to do and when it needs to be done.

be productive

  • Standardize information with online forms, reducing errors.
  • Approvals, onboarding, requests & audits.
  • Use internally or externally, for clients or suppliers.
  • Implement in minutes, not months.

be informed

  • See progress, what is overdue and issues raised.
  • When something can't be done, see why.
  • Every activity is timestamped with an audit trail.
  • Visual data you can analyse for informed decision making.

be compliant

  • Real-time process compliance.
  • Track non-confrmance, see why.
  • Full timestamped audit trail.
  • Group based permissions handling.

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