beSlick for EOS®️

The best way for companies on EOS®️ to identify, document & package your processes so they are followed by all.

  • Make it easy to document
  • With clear accountability
  • Embed process so it sticks
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be Rock-ready

Gain confidence you’ll always meet your rocks with clear accountability & visibility. Every process & activity is digitally tracked and highly visible.

be Systemized

With beSlick everyone always has the right data and guidance at the right time to get the job done to the best of their ability. Ensuring nothing is ever missed or forgotten.

be Innovative

Save money and time, while improving efficiency. Harness the brainpower of your entire workforce through collective feedback. Keep improving everything, always.
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Struggling with EOS Process®?

beSlick helps you achieve FBA whilst adding value and driving efficiency throughout your business.

Simply documenting process with repeated training is hugely time consuming and doesn’t work.

People rarely look at the documents, and process needs to be much more agile than that allows – 88% of senior management waste at least one day a week just managing process.

Infographic showing benefits from using beSlick

beSlick embeds consistency to help you grow

We embed process in your business and deliver value quickly by ensuring that we capture and improve the things that aren’t working, rather than performing a huge exercise to document everything that is working.

Once processes are embedded in your business and they are helping people do a better job you then have the ability to start to use those processes to capture improvements and drive change.

The outcome is the same – process is captured and followed by all but the effect is much more powerful.

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Implement EOS Process® with confidence

Whether you are working with a certified EOS Implementer® (which we highly recommend) or self-implementing, our proven process provides;

  • Specialists who will guide you through identify, document & package.
  • Pre-built business templates to accelerate systemizing your business.

Time to make work better

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"beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can't live without it now."