We help you identify, document & package your processes so they are followed by all.

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Process component of Traction EOS®

Process is a key component of EOS®

be rock-ready

Gain confidence you’ll always meet your rocks with clear accountability & visibility.

With beSlick everyone always has the right data and guidance at the right time to get the job done to the best of their ability.

Ensuring nothing is ever missed or forgotten.

be on the pulse

Manage annuals, quarterlies and level 10s in a way that removes the admin burden.

Track 7 day actions in real-time using the same platform that manages your business.

Ensure everyone is on the pulse.


be systemized

Enjoy a way of working that saves money and time, while improving efficiency. 

Harness the brainpower of your entire workforce through collective feedback.

Keep improving everything, always.

“We’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability … we’ve got an operating system now.”

Murf, Visionary @ The Beefy Boys
Infographic of business chart showing business operations before using Process Bliss

Process chaos creates cost and inefficiency

88% of senior management lose one day every week just managing process.

It’s easy to document your processes, but it is hard to have them followed by all – and even harder to have them keep improving.

To create change that sticks, you need beSlick EOS®.

Infographic showing benefits from using beSlick

beSlick embeds consistency to help you grow

beSlick EOS® is a packaged implementation service & software platform designed for the Process stage of your Traction® implementation.

We identify, document and package your process & procedures, and ensure followed by all using integrated task management.

Employees enjoy a simple to-do list driven by a powerful process engine, while harnessing the collective brainpower of your teams so things keep improving.

FBA becomes a breeze and your business thrives.

Implement with confidence

Whether you are working with a certified EOS® implementer (which we highly recommend) or self-implementing, our proven process provides;

  • Specialists who will guide you through identify, document & package.
  • beSlick EOS® templates to manage annuals, quarterlies, level 10s, 7 day actions and issue reporting.
  • Additional business process templates to systemize your business.

Included Accelerator modules

EOS® Process

We deliver

  • Dedicated specialist to work with you
  • Step-by-step implementation guide for you to follow
  • Identify group session facilitation
  • Review & recommendations at each stage of Identify, Document, Package and FBA
  • Full beSlick training to all involved leadership team

Expected outcome

All core processes identified & documented within one quarter dependent on client engagement. At least one core process fully packaged as templates, ready for FBA.

EOS® Pulse

We deliver

  • Creation of 6x templates;
    1. Annual Meeting Pulse
    2. Quarterly Rock Setting Agenda
    3. Weekly Level 10 Pulse Agenda
    4. Assign Quarterly Rock
    5. Assign 7 Day Action
    6. Issue reporting form
  • Recurring schedules to EOS® calendar
  • Group assignment based on L10 attendees
  • Reporting views for 7 day action & Issues
  • Full training on usage & administration

Expected outcome

Streamlined pulse management with reduced admin burden and significantly improved 7 day action completion score.

Document & Package

We deliver

  • Follows EOS® Process module
  • If existing, translation of current procedures/workflow to beSlick templates
  • Where not existing, workshop/training to appropriately define procedures/workflow
  • Training & support to all core process & procedure owners
  • We can provide ‘done for you’ or train existing resource depending on requirement

Expected outcome

Core process & template owners trained on template creation. Nominated procedures packaged as templates ready for FBA.

Time to make work better

Free 30 minute consultation call. Our privacy policy.

“beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can’t live without it now.”

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions