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ISO Compliance & Value in 2021


Who, what & how of ISO

CEO Interview: Journey & Learnings

Five pitfalls of ISO implementation

“How do you implement and manage ISO certification while creating value?”

As a global standard, ISO certifications offer significant value, but also challenges if not approached correctly. In this live broadcast, Paul Elson-Vining will discuss ISO positioning and pitfalls in 2021, while interviewing CEO Alister Esam for key takeaways from his ISO journey.

  • ISO implementation in a post-brexit market
  • CEO interview on the why and how, and learnings
  • Five pitfalls of ISO certification and how to avoid 

Expected attendees are senior leadership in businesses with 50-500 employees, who are evaluating the value, implementation and management of ISO certification.

Lead speaker: Paul Elson-Vining

Managing Director, Process Envision

Paul Elson-Vining has over 15 years of experience of process experience with more than 100 Business Process Management (BPM) implementations globally.

A recognised authority on process, he regularly speaks on the future of workforce engagement and business efficiency as a combined strategic initiative.

Certifications include CMI Level 7 in Professional Consulting, IRCA certified Lead Auditor, QMS Internal Auditor, GASQ Certified GDPR Practitioner, LCS Lean Foundation.

CEO interview: Alister Esam

CEO, beSlick

Alister Esam is a successful entrepreneur and investor, having bootstrapped his fintech software business eShare to international status operating in over 40 countries and servicing 20,000 board directors, before successfully exiting in 2018.

He now invests in a variety of startups, with the common theme of ‘helping businesses run better’.

Alister highlights the importance of systemising a business and empowering employees to take action as critical to the success of an organisation, with ISO certification integral to this strategy.

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