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Deliver high quality service at every location with less cost. All in one platform.

  • Checklist compliance
  • Employee onboarding
  • Supplier audits
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be Digital

Ditch the paper for clear visual reports of what has been done and what is overdue. Roll out changes with one click. Daily checks, weekly inspections, monthly audits – have it all covered.

be Systemized

Define your operating system and scale your business, with visibility everything is happening as it should. Automate the repeatable, so nothing gets missed.


be Efficient

Customizable training workflows to cover your mission, vision, health & safety and site specific training. Assign to new employees so managers can check off training.
Diagram showing poor inefficient team communication task activity

Everything worked, until it didn’t.

It could be when you opened the new site, needed to meet new guidelines, started doing events or expanded the team.

At some point email, WhatsApp, paper & spreadsheets started creating more problems than they solved, and things became painful.

You need to systemize with confidence, you need beSlick Hospitality.

Diagram showing good team communication using process and forms

Ditch the paper, easy access from anywhere.

With beSlick Hospitality, use customizable checklists on your mobile or tablet that can cover every aspect of health & safety and food compliance – with recurring schedules so nothing gets missed.

  • Daily open/close checklists
  • Weekly kitchen inspection
  • Monthly SAFE audit
  • Employee payroll
  • Health & Safetly monthly checks

Alongside any other activity that makes your business profitable, compliant and cashflow positive.

Screenshot of Digital Forms field configuration using shortnames

Improve the employee experience

Make it easy for your teams to make requests or kick off onboarding with a friendly team portal they can access with one click – they don’t even need to be a user.

  • Purchase approvals
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Incident reporting
  • HR requests
  • New employee onboarding & training

Form submissions assign a tracked task that follow the right procedures you’ve defined. We’ll help you customize and integrate with other software as needed.

Screenshot of a Template Report in beSlick

Track operational performance

With beSlick Hospitality, your team enjoys a simple task list of what needs doing, and notified of any new tasks or if something is overdue.

You gain realtime visibility across activity to see when things have been done – importantly you can also see when something couldn’t be done and why.

We’ll also provide you with monthly management reports that give granular detail on trends, success metrics and team engagement, so you can be confident everything is running like clockwork.

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