How do I create an employee onboarding form?

Laura Parker
Mar 2024

Employee onboarding is a pivotal phase in the journey of new hires, acting as the bridge between the promise of a new opportunity and the reality of becoming an integral part of a team. At the heart of this phase is the employee onboarding form, a crucial tool designed to gather comprehensive information about the new employee, ensuring a smooth transition into their new role. Accompanying this is the employee onboarding process, meticulously crafted to guide hiring managers in capturing all the necessary details accurately and consistently. These templates serve not just as forms but as foundational elements of a robust onboarding strategy, ensuring that every piece of vital information is collected without fail. By utilizing an effective employee onboarding form template and employee onboarding process template, businesses can standardize their onboarding processes, making them more efficient and error-free, thus ensuring that every new hire has the best possible start in their new environment.

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How do I create an onboarding document

Creating an onboarding document is a crucial step in sculpting a welcoming and efficient entry path for new employees. Utilizing an onboarding plan template can streamline this process, ensuring all essential information is communicated from day one. 

Here’s how to craft an effective onboarding document:

  • Start with a Template: Kick off the process by selecting a comprehensive onboarding plan template. beSlick offers a free template that serves as an excellent foundation, ensuring you cover all critical areas while providing the flexibility to customize as needed.
  • Customize to Your Needs: Personalize the template to reflect your organization’s unique culture, values, and operational specifics. Include sections on company history, mission, policies, and the specific responsibilities and expectations for the new role.
  • Incorporate Interactive Elements: Enhance the document with interactive elements such as clickable links to training resources, introductory videos from team members, and digital tours of your office or facilities. This interactivity not only makes the onboarding experience more engaging but also aids in the retention of information.
  • Ensure Easy Access: Make the onboarding document easily accessible to new hires by utilizing a cloud-based platform. This approach facilitates on-the-go access, particularly beneficial for remote employees or those who prefer to prepare in advance.
  • Solicit Feedback for Improvement: After the onboarding process, seek feedback from new employees regarding the utility and comprehensiveness of the document. Use this insight to continually refine your template, ensuring it remains an effective tool for both the organization and its new members.

Leveraging beSlick’s free onboarding plan template as a starting point, you can create a bespoke onboarding document that not only conveys necessary information but also introduces new hires to the culture and expectations of your company in an engaging and memorable way.

What paperwork is needed for new employee onboarding

Effective onboarding begins with thorough preparation, including the collection of essential new hire paperwork. This documentation is fundamental to ensuring a smooth start for both the employee and the organization. 

Here’s a concise overview of the critical paperwork required:

  • Employment Agreement: This document outlines the terms of employment, such as job responsibilities, compensation, and work hours, serving as a formal welcome to the organization.
  • Tax Documentation: Proper tax forms, like the W-4 for U.S. employees, are crucial for setting up payroll and withholding the correct amount of taxes.
  • Proof of Identity and Work Eligibility: Employers must verify an employee’s legal right to work in the country, necessitating documents such as a passport or driver’s license, accompanied by an I-9 form in the United States.
  • Benefits Forms: These allow employees to sign up for company-provided benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Emergency Contact Forms: Critical for safety and emergency planning, ensuring the company can contact the right people if necessary.
  • Policy Acknowledgement: Signing off on having received and understood the company’s key policies, from ethics to confidentiality, reinforces compliance and sets clear expectations.

Incorporating a streamlined onboarding plan template can significantly simplify the collection and management of new hire paperwork. Platforms like beSlick offer digital solutions that facilitate the organization, submission, and storage of these documents online, enhancing efficiency and compliance from day one.

Collecting all necessary new hire paperwork prior to the employee’s first day underscores an organization’s commitment to a supportive and structured onboarding process, laying the groundwork for a successful employment relationship.

How do I make an onboarding form

The key to a streamlined and efficient employee onboarding process lies in the creation of a well-structured onboarding form. With an employee onboarding form template, this task becomes significantly easier, especially when utilizing the intuitive forms feature provided by beSlick

Here’s how to leverage this tool effectively:

  • Select a Robust Template: Begin with beSlick’s employee onboarding form template. This template is designed with the needs of modern businesses in mind, making it a comprehensive starting point for gathering all necessary information from new hires.
  • Utilize beSlick’s Forms Feature: beSlick’s platform includes a forms feature that simplifies the customization and completion of your onboarding form. This tool allows you to easily add or remove sections, tailor questions to fit specific roles within your company, and ensure that all critical information is captured accurately.
  • Incorporate Essential Information: While customizing your employee onboarding form template, make sure to include key sections for personal details, job-related information, emergency contacts, and any relevant legal documents. The goal is to create a form that is both comprehensive and compliant with any applicable regulations.
  • Ensure User-Friendliness: A major advantage of using beSlick’s forms feature is the ability to create a user-friendly experience for new hires. The platform’s intuitive interface ensures that filling out the form is straightforward, encouraging thorough and accurate submissions.
  • Review and Revise as Needed: The dynamic nature of businesses means your onboarding form may need updates over time. Regularly review your employee onboarding form template for any necessary adjustments, ensuring it remains relevant and effective for your onboarding process.

Leveraging beSlick’s employee onboarding form template and forms feature, you can create an onboarding form that is not only easy to fill out but also comprehensive in scope. This approach not only simplifies the onboarding process for HR departments but also enhances the experience for new employees, setting a positive tone from the outset.

How do you write a good onboarding document

Crafting an engaging and informative onboarding document is key to a new employee’s successful introduction to your company. Onboarding documents for new employees should not only convey essential information but also make them feel welcomed and prepared for their new role. 

Here’s a strategy to create such documents effectively:

  • Foundation with a Template: Begin with a solid foundation by choosing a comprehensive employee onboarding form template. This ensures that you cover all critical information, from company policies to role-specific expectations, in an organized manner.
  • Personalize for Engagement: To transform standard onboarding documents for new employees into something more engaging, personalize the content. Incorporate welcome notes from the team, brief history snippets of the company, and anecdotes that convey the company culture. This personalization helps new hires connect with the company on a deeper level.
  • Include Interactive and Informative Elements: Make the document more than a reading task by adding interactive elements. Embed links to welcome videos, virtual tours of the office, and interactive modules on company policy. These elements can make absorbing information more enjoyable and effective.
  • Accessibility Is Key: Ensure that onboarding documents for new employees are easily accessible. Leveraging a platform like beSlick for hosting these documents allows new hires to access them anywhere, fostering a flexible and inclusive onboarding experience.
  • Iterate Based on Feedback: The onboarding process should evolve continuously. Solicit feedback from new employees regarding the clarity, comprehensiveness, and engagement level of the onboarding documents. Use this feedback to refine and improve the documents for future hires.

By meticulously crafting onboarding documents for new employees, you set the stage for their success and integration into your company. Using a structured approach with a focus on engagement and personalization ensures that these documents are not only informative but also welcoming.


In the journey of integrating new hires into your organization, the creation and utilization of comprehensive onboarding documents for new employees are paramount. From leveraging an effective employee onboarding form template to personalizing the onboarding experience with engaging content, these steps ensure a smooth and welcoming transition for every new team member. By employing tools like beSlick’s forms feature, the process becomes not only simpler but also more impactful, setting a solid foundation for new employees to thrive from day one.

As you aim to enhance your onboarding process, remember the importance of feedback and continuous improvement. The goal is to not only provide essential information but also to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among new hires, contributing to their long-term success and satisfaction within your company.

To further streamline your onboarding process and ensure you have all the tools necessary for success, consider exploring beSlick’s resources.

Download our free employee onboarding form and discover how our platform can simplify the creation of engaging and comprehensive onboarding documents. Additionally, take a moment to watch our 5-minute virtual demo, showcasing the ease and efficiency of integrating beSlick’s solutions into your onboarding strategy.

Embrace the opportunity to make your onboarding process a beacon of excellence within your organization, ensuring every new hire’s journey is met with clarity, engagement, and a warm welcome.

Need a better way to track team tasks & workflow?
Need a better way to track team tasks & workflow?

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