It’s time your business ran without you

Systemize your business, empower teams and improve efficiency

When you started your business did you think it would involve lots of late nights?

Did you imagine you’d end up delegating/outsourcing the thing your enjoyed most in favour of business admin?

Was spending everyday feeling like you’re fire-fighting really what you dreamed of?


Did you relish the idea of seizing an opportunity and building something great?

Were you pulled in by the idea of releasing yourself from the daily grind to be in control of your future?

Or was it about having a better quality of life, where you had more time for your family or to pursue your other interests/hobbies?

Sure, we’d all like to live in the ‘ideal’ world where life is bliss; everything works like clockwork and we get all the pay off for little effort.


The truth is we live in the real world, where you have to put in the time, energy and effort to reap the rewards…

…but is that the whole truth?

Need to systemize your business and make growth easy?
Need to systemize your business and make growth easy?

Here’s the deal

We’re offering you the opportunity to move to the ideal world.

That’s right. It’s time for you to pack your bags and ‘Advance to Go’ because we’re going to help your business to run without you.

That’s not to say you’re no longer required. It just means that we have the tool to enable you to go ‘nose in, fingers out’.

With the reassurance that you have complete oversight of everything in your business, now you can relinquish control and let the rest of your team get on in the best way they know how.

“It can’t be done”

Understandably you’re skeptical. That cynicism probably stems from experience – in the past you thought a change had happened and months down the line you discover it hasn’t.

But just because it hasn’t happened in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It means you need to find a way of making it happen…

Introducing beSlick

beSlick takes you to the ideal world where your business can run without you.

Reassuring you that your business is operating like clockwork, now you can choose the fires to fight, get involved in the areas of the business you enjoy most, or that really need you, and gain some much needed ‘downtime’ without your business falling apart.

1. Map processes

By documenting the way you perform processes within your business, you can be reassured that things are done the same way, every time, by everyone.

Template processes can be assigned to a member of your team, making them accountable for that specific process. And they in turn can assign steps to people within their team to delegate the responsibilities.

In addition, by attaching all the information someone needs to complete the process, the templates are genuinely useful, and become part of business-as-usual.

2. Complete tasks

beSlick UI with evidence checklist

Checklists are generated from these central templates – we call these tasks. If required, these can be scheduled, reassuring you that nothing is ever dropped or forgotten.

Furthermore, if you choose to update a template, it will update all the tasks generated from it to include the new steps.

Once tasks are generated, the assigned steps automatically appear on the users’ individual task lists, and they receive automatic notifications to alert them that they need to take action.

3. Track progress

Should you ever want to check in on how things are going, beSlick contains at-a-glance reports that record every instance a task has been generated from a central process template.

Reassured that everything is running like clockwork, you can instantly see the steps have been followed, with any potential issues highlighted along with the reason(s) why someone couldn’t complete a step.

Need to centralise and optimize business process?
Need to centralise and optimize business process?

Let us help you succeed

We know that people are busy and that finding time to capture your processes can be really hard. Even knowing where to start is difficult.
That’s why we offer a hand holding service to help you get all your key processes captured, embedded and everyone following them.

Need work to actually work?

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