Adding an employee to the payroll – UK


Adding an employee to the payroll is an important part of the onboarding process. Here’s a free template process to ensure your employees are added to the payroll quickly and easily. This template is intended for UK employees.

Populate the template into your account and run a task every time a new employee joins the company.

Adding an employee to the payroll – UK

1Request a copy of the employee’s P45

Importance: Essential

Email Subject: P45 and Payroll Details

Dear {employee’s name}

I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to {company name}.

Please could I ask you to provide me with a copy of your P45 as soon as possible, in order for me to set you up on our internal payroll system.

If you are unable to provide me with a copy of your P45, then please let me know. This will result in you being enrolled on an emergency tax code, until a new tax code is issued for you by HMRC.

Lastly, please provide your bank details, to enable for us to pay your salary to you.

Name on Bank Account:
Sort Code:
Account Number:
Name of Bank:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

2Create new employee record on payroll system

Importance: Essential


-Employee name
-Employee address
-Date of Birth
-National Insurance Number
-Employment Commencement Date
-Pay frequency
-Tax Details – tax code etc.
-Pension deduction

3Add the employee’s bank details into bank account payees section

Importance: Essential

Ensure the bank details supplied by the employee are added to the banking online portal, to enable you to pay the employee

4Pension: auto-enrol employee

Importance: Essential

Check whether the employee qualifies under auto-enrolment

4.1Write to the employee about joining the pension scheme

Importance: Essential

Write to the employee informing them:

– that they will be automatically enrolled in the company’s pension scheme
-that they don’t currently meet the criteria to be automatically enrolled but that they can opt in

4.2Explain how the employee will be paid and when

Importance: Optional

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