Disciplinary Meeting/Hearing

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A formal way for an employer to deal with an employee's:
- unacceptable or improper behaviour (‘misconduct’)
- performance (‘capability")

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1Invite the employee to a disciplinary meeting/hearing

Importance: Essential

Use the template letter attached to invite the employee to a disciplinary meeting.

Book a meeting room for the meeting.

The meeting should be held as soon as possible after the investigation, while giving reasonable time for the employee to prepare.

In good time before the meeting, the employer should put in writing to the employee:

- the alleged misconduct or performance issue
- any evidence from the investigation
- any other information they plan to talk about
- the date, time and location of the hearing
- information on the employee’s right to be accompanied to the hearing
- the possible outcomes

Notice of Disciplinary Meeting Letter Template.docx
Upload signed letter:

2Conduct disciplinary meeting/hearing

Importance: Essential

Use the template attached to document the meeting.

The employer should:

- explain the employee’s alleged misconduct or performance issue
- go through the evidence
- make sure someone takes notes
- confirm next steps following the meeting

The employee should be given the chance to:

- set out their case
- answer any allegations
- ask questions
- show evidence
- call relevant witnesses (with good notice)
- respond to any information given by witnesses

The employee’s companion should be allowed to:

- set out the employee’s case
- speak for the employee
- talk with the employee during the hearing
- take notes

Disciplinary Meeting Sheet Template.xlsx

2.1Sign the disciplinary meeting sheet

Importance: Essential

Investigator & employee to sign investigation meeting sheet.

If the employee refuses to sign the sheet, another person in the meeting can sign the sheet.

Upload signed sheet:

3Review the evidence and meeting notes

Importance: Essential

4Issue appropriate letter concluding the meeting/hearing

Importance: Essential

Use the appropriate template letter attached to conclude the meeting/hearing.

If the employee's conduct or performance does not improve in the time-frame set, the employer should repeat the disciplinary procedure until improvements are made or until dismissal is the only fair and reasonable option.

Notice of Disciplinary Action or Dismissal Letter Template.docx
Notice of Written Warning or Final Written Warning Letter Template.docx
Upload signed letter:

4.1Add letter to the employees personnel file

Importance: Optional

Add a link to the personnel records here!

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