Employee Onboarding Template (with Form)

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Your employee onboarding process sets the tone for your relationship. It makes sure you get off to the best start. Use this template as a starting point and add/delete steps to make it your own.

This process features on our list of 25 processes every business needs.

This Digital Forms based Template helps you keep track of progress and past requests, and provides users with instant visibility of their requests – reducing email overload for HR and line managers.

First the form captures information and creates a Task once submitted. Tasks are automatically assigned to HR, the line manager and IT, along with review & probation stages for the employee as they join your organisation.

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0Employee Onboarding form

This form should be completed once employee has accepted a verbal offer and start date.

It will take the applicant through our formal role confirmation process and their first few weeks as an employee at our organisation.

This form should be completed by HR admin a minimum of one month before their start date.

Your email:*
Employee name:*
Employee personal email:*
Employee contact number:
Details of role
Job title:*
Employment type:*
FTE salary*
Line manager:*
Working location/IT equipment needed:*
Start date:*

1HR: Formal written offer and information request

Importance: Essential
Due: 3 weeks before start date

Send formal written offer – example is provided below based on the information provided, you may need to make further amends.

If the start date is known include this in the offer letter. Standard letter includes information needed, please check and delete as needed;

  • Social Security Payroll details including P45 information
  • Tax and Eligibility to work information and proof (including passport and visas)
  • Reference information and background checks
  • DBS and CCJ checks

Dear {employee_name},

Thank you for attending your recent interview with us. Following our conversation, I’m delighted to offer you the position of {job_title} at our organisation starting on {employee_start_date}.

Please find attached the full terms of employment.

The role will be reporting to our {line_manager}.

This is a {full_part_time} position and we’d like to offer you an annual starting salary of {employee_salary}, which will be paid monthly.

Your working hours will be [Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm] and you’ll have an annual holiday allowance of [25 days].

To accept the offer please sign and email it to {created-by} by [date] and we’ll start preparing for your induction.

This offer is subject to completion of satisfactory references. There will also be a probationary period of [usually three months or six months], which will need to be completed successfully.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email {submit-email}.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team.

Best wishes,


[Your email]

[Phone number]

2HR: Request references

Importance: Standard
Due: 3 weeks before start date

Email the two referees (separately) using the template email attached, to request employment references.

Email Subject: Employment Reference Request

Dear {name},

{employee_name} has named you as a referee on her application for employment with our company.

Please could I request that you complete the below, to the best of your ability, and return to me within the next five working days.

Dates of employment with your organisation:
Job title:
Reason for leaving:
Was the applicant dismissed: y/n
Would you re-employ him/her: y/n
If no, please state reason:
To the best of your knowledge, was there ever any reason to suspect this person of dishonesty or breach of trust?
Details of the applicant’s time-keeping and punctuality:
Details of the number of days’ absence from work in the last 12 months:*
Completed by:
Company name:

Yours sincerely,

3HR: Issue contract via Docusign

Importance: Essential
Due: after step 1

Prepare contract and all other documents for employee and employer using electronic signing method.

Add link or the instructions for the package used.

4HR: Pre-Boarding actions – Welcome email

Importance: Standard
Due: 2 weeks before start date

Ensure a seamless first week for both employer and employee and secure engagement from your new-starter with a comprehensive pre-boarding process.

  • Standard Welcome email can be found here (add location or the content of the email here).
  • Include in the email information relating to Confirmation of the start date/time and contact
  • On-boarding itinerary/induction
  • Key contact details
  • Employee handbook or access information
  • Log in details for company intranet
  • New Staff FAQs
  • Send “Welcome to the team” Goodie bag

5Formal job offer accepted?

Assigned to: HR team



6IT: Arrange equipment for new starter

Importance: Essential
Assigned to: IT Team
Due: 2 weeks before start date

Please equipment as expected with the role type and work location.

Workstation type:*
Mobile phone:
Printer & consumables:

6IT: Configure account access for new starter

Importance: Essential
Assigned to: IT Team
Due: 2 weeks before start date

Please configure access as required for this role.

Email account:*
CRM access:
Cloud storage:
HR Systems:
Payroll systems:

7Is remote working furniture required?

Assigned to: HR team



11New starter communication to existing staff

Importance: Essential

State what the new employee will be doing, who they will be working for and when they start.

Email Subject: New Employee Joining

Hello all,

{new employee’s name} will be joining the {name of department} on {date} as {new employee’s job title}.

{you may want to give a brief description of their responsibilities}

Please join me in making {new employee’s name} feel welcome.

Kind regards,

13Send welcome email to new employee

Importance: Essential

At least a week before joining , send email explaining the dress code, parking expectations, start time, any other expectations and check employee is happy.

Email Subject: First Day

Hi {name}

We all hope you are looking forward to your first day as much as we are. I just wanted to share a few things:

Our parking spaces are X, X, X, and X, X. At the moment these are first come, first served. There should be a space free for you on your first day and we can go through parking when you arrive.

The office is open from 8:30 to 5:30, but on your first day, please arrive at 9.30am, this will ensure that we are set up for your arrival.

Dress code is X.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Kind regards,

14First day welcome meeting and introduction to processes

Importance: Essential

Book a meeting and run through with the new employee:-

– Employee org chart
– Health & safety practices
– How to book a meeting room
– How to request holiday & log absence

15.x Meeting with relevant departments

Importance: Essential

A sequence of Steps to ensure new emploee meets relkevant departments including HR, Sales, Finance, IT, Product – and a member of the senior leadership team.

16Company values and mission meeting

Importance: Standard

Line manager or CEO to explain company values and mission statement

17Assign policies for attestation to the new employee

Importance: Essential

18Schedule Training

Importance: Essential

Check and cater for any training requirements to ensure success in role.

19 Book check-in meetings

20Set up probation review

Importance: Essential

Create new task using the ‘closing of employee initial employment probationary period’ template

21Probation review meeting

Assigned to: HR team



23Invite new hires to visit Glassdoor and leave their employment experience

Importance: Standard

Invite 90 days after their start date, using the template email

Email Subject: New Hire Employment Experience

Hello {employee_name},

Can you believe it has already been 90 days?

We hope you are acclimating nicely to your new role. 

Did you know that the most trusted form of advertising, aside from a personal recommendation, is an online review?

You probably already know this if you use websites like eBay, Amazon, and TripAdvisor. Your feedback is vital to our recruitment team and to job seekers considering work at our organization.

Please take a moment to visit Glassdoor and post a review about your work experience over the last 90 days. This feedback will help us attract talented new employees (just like you!) who will help our company grow.

Spend no more than 15 minutes on this. Remember all feedback is anonymous.


Your HR Team

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