Initiate recruitment


Discover the key steps in the initiate recruitment process with our free process template. Everything you need to think about when initiating recruitment for a job vacancy, including obtaining approval to recruit to adding the vacancy to your website.

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1Obtain approval to recruit for the job position

Importance: Essential

Email Subject: Recruitment RequestDear _____________I would like to request permission to recruit for the following job position:Job title: ____________________
Reporting to: _______________
Joining team: _______________This will be a [full time/part time] role based in ________________ .The key responsibilities for the role are:
1. ____________________
2. ____________________
3. ____________________I would like to fill this position within the next [? weeks/months].If you agree that the position is required and we should recruit, then I will arrange a meeting to agree the recruitment budget & salary for the job position and the advertising method.Please let me know if you require any further information.

Permission obtained:

1.1Arrange meeting to agree recruitment budget, advertising method and salary for the job position

Importance: Optional

Invite your colleague via a meeting calendar invite

Record time & date of meeting:

1.1.1Agree recruitment budget

Importance: Optional

Agree the maximum amount you can spend on advertising the vacancy and/or agency fees.

Record the recruitment budget:

1.1.2Agree advertising method

Importance: Optional

Agree where/how you advertise the job vacancy.- Will you use a recruitment agency, if so, which one?
– Will you advertise via an online recruitment job board?
– Will you upload the job vacancy to your company website?
– Will you advertise in the local newspaper?

Record the advertising method:

1.1.3Agree salary for the job position

Importance: Optional

Agree the salary range/level for job position.*You might want to run your salary bench-marking process to help you determine the appropriate salary level*Add a link to your salary bench-marking process here!

Record the salary for job position:

2Prepare job description

Importance: Essential

Use the template provided to prepare the job description

Job Description Template.docx.pdf
Upload prepared job description:

2.1Build job advert (if advertising on an online job board or through the local paper)

Importance: Optional

Approved job advert:

2.2Submit job description and job advert for approval

Importance: Optional

2.2.1If there are changes required, redraft and resubmit

Importance: Optional

3Add job advert and/or job description to your company website

Importance: Optional

4Provide details of the job vacancy (inc job description & salary) details to the recruiter

Importance: Optional

Add your preferred recruiters contact details or a link to your preferred recruiter suppliers list here!

Email Subject: Job vacancy at [your company name]Dear ___________________I request your help to fill our [job title] vacancy. Please find the job description attached.Job title: ____________________
Reporting to: _______________
Joining team: _______________
Salary: ______________________This will be a [full time/part time] role based in ________________ .I would like to fill this position within the next [? weeks/months].Closing date: ________________
Feedback given to you about the applicants on: _____________________
Interview day/week: ___________________
Enter the name of the agency/agencies used for this role:

5Start the ‘Recruit staff’ process

Importance: Essential

Add a link to your recruit staff process here!

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