Paternity Leave – UK

All you need to run a successful paternity leave process.

This process features on our list of 25 processes every business needs.

1Obtain SC3 form from employee

Importance: Essential

The employee must complete a SC3 form. This form must be presented in order to claim Statutory Paternity Allowance.

1.1Share SC3 form with payroll department & employee’s line manager

Importance: Essential

Finance need this in order to pay the employee Statutory Paternity Pay during Paternity Leave.

Let payroll know for commencement of paternity pay and the line manager so they can plan around the employee’s leave.

2Draft Paternity Leave & Entitlements Letter

Importance: Essential

You are required by law to write to the employee, confirming their paternity leave & entitlements.

Use the letter template and fill in the blanks with the correct information.

The SC3 form has some info on it that you may need to refer to.

Paternity Leave & Entitlements Letter Template.docx
Upload drafted letter:

2.1Enter the current Statutory rate of Paternity Pay

Importance: Essential

3Issue the Paternity Leave & Entitlements Letter

Importance: Essential

Upload a copy of the signed letter:

Email Subject: Paternity Leave & Entitlements


Thank you for informing the company of your partners pregnancy and providing your completed SC3 form.

Please find attached a letter confirming your paternity leave and entitlements.

If you have any questions, then please let me know.

4Keep payroll and employee’s line manager informed of any changes to the paternity leave

Importance: Essential

Failure to notify, could result in the wrong paternity pay being issued

5Add bank holidays accrued to the Holiday Site

Importance: Essential

When an employee is on paternity leave they accrue the bank holidays they have missed while on leave.

Add a link to you holiday site here!

6Conduct a return to work meeting

Importance: Optional

When an employee returns to work, it is a good idea to welcome them back with a return to work meeting to inform them of any changes and agree work priorities etc.

7If the employee wishes to change their working hours or employment contracted terms when returning to work from paternity leave – please refer to your ‘flexible working request’ template.

Importance: Optional

Add a link to your ‘flexible working request’ template here!

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