Process for creating a press release


If you want to experience the ultimate win of seeing your story in print, you need to put effort into crafting and pitching it right. Our template is the ideal place to start…

1Is the story newsworthy?

Importance: Optional

What value does it provide your audience? If there’s no value, scrap it.

2Make sure the press release has the right structure

Importance: Optional

Headline, summary, intro, detail, quotes, contact details and accompanying media.

3Craft your pitch to the journalist/editor

Importance: Optional

A press release alone often isn’t enough. Consider a killer subject line, 4-6 sentences of detail, make it personal, make sure they have everything they need to know.

4Create your distribution list

Importance: Optional

Research your target publications fully. Create manual or system generated list.

5Send your release

Importance: Optional

Most are sent via email, but also consider the press wires and social media.

6Follow up

Importance: Optional

Have you got an extras to give those tier one target publications like an exclusive interview or client story?

7Track your coverage

Importance: Optional

Consider how you are going to measure the success of your story.

8Share the results

Importance: Optional

Internally, with the management team and wider organisation
Externally, share your coverage on social media

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