Hiring an agency


Want to know how to hire an agency or ensure your working relationship with them runs smoothly? Follow this process to make sure when your business is working with an agency, you can achieve what you want with them.

1Decide what you need help with

Importance: Essential

An agency can help with small to big business tasks and are often used if you need to outsource work or to seek advice from outside of your business.

Consider here what exactly you need help with and the type of agency required e.g. you may need help with paid advertising so you would look for a marketing agency that specialised in PPC campaigns.

Help with:*
Type of agency:*
*Required to complete step

2Calculate your commitment

Importance: Optional

How much time will the agency take to manage? This can be agreed in more detail at a later date, but it helps to put an estimated time frame of the following points when you begin having discussions:

-how long the agency will work with you
– amount of time they will use of your work day/ week

Duration of work:*
Your work time:*
*Required to complete step

3Ring fence budget

Importance: Optional

How much can you afford and how will you pay for it? Project or retainer basis?

Allocated budget:*
*Required to complete step

4Record your research

Importance: Optional

To make sure you make the best decision for your company, record your research of potential agencies with our ‘Hiring an agency template’.

When completing your research consider looking at the agencies:

– website
– socials
– clients
– location

Hiring an agency template.xlsx
*Required to complete step

5Make a shortlist

Importance: Essential

Shortlist three you’d like to work with from your research. If you need extra help choosing which three would suit your needs best, assign this task to a member of your team to get their view.

Use the following points to help make your decision for your business:

-who would your account manager be?
-who is actually doing the work?
-what does the process of working together look like?
-what experience do they have in your sector?
-can they share their best examples?

Agency 1:*
Agency 2:*
Agency 3:
*Required to complete step

6Contact the shortlisted agencies

Importance: Essential

It’s important not to place all your requirements onto just one agency. Contact your agreed shortlist using either phone, email or meeting in person. All of their details should be on their company website. Decide here how you will contact.

*Required to complete step

6.1Calling the agency

Importance: Optional

If calling the agency is the best option for you, ensure the main contact calls up the agency and has the attached research in step 4 and information gathered in step 5.

This call is the first step to building a relationship with this business and you will also be representing your business so make sure you are prepared beforehand.

6.2Emailing the agency

Importance: Optional

Often after a call, you may be asked to email the agency. It is important to keep it to the point, making it clear the job you require, but also friendly. Use the attached ‘Email to agency template’ as your base.



We have been looking for an agency to work with for [INSERT REASON] and came across [INSERT HOW YOU FOUND THEM]. We’re interested in working with you because [INSERT THEIR MAIN POSITIVE FEATURE]]. I just have a few questions to ask.


Many thanks,


6.3Meeting the agency

Importance: Optional

When meeting the agency, consider:

-who will be attending the meeting?
-where it will take place (do you need to book a room?)
-do you need any relevant print outs/ files ready to share with them?

7Choose agency/ have confidence in your decision

Importance: Essential

Based on your shortlist and the responses you got from contacting them, choose the best agency to work with. Consider a test/trial period if you’re still a bit unsure.

Chosen agency:*
*Required to complete step

8Protect yourself

Importance: Essential

Use our attached mutual NDA template and arrange a contract for the work.

If you have a HR department or a senior manager, consider asking them to review the documents before sending them off.

Use our attached mutual NDA template.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template.docx
Upload contract of work:*
*Required to complete step

9Double check the T&Cs

Importance: Essential

Check the small print for any additional fees, copyright, source files etc.

10Kick off meeting

Importance: Optional

Once your new agency is in place, arrange a kick off meeting with everyone involved. Schedule a recurring task with the agency so you can have regular updates and track the progress.

(Insert link to agency meetings here!)

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