Hosting a webinar


Webinars aren’t easy things to pull together; like any good marketing campaign, they take time and effort to get right. Our template covers the key steps you need to consider to ensure your webinar runs smoothly.

1Who are you talking to?

Importance: Essential

This determines the focus and the level of detail you need to provide in the content. To do this, consider:-audience (e.g. senior management, new customer, agency)-call to action (what do you want to be the main action for people to take away)-duration (keep to a set time and allow for setting up the webinar and writing up any notes afterwards)

Call to action:*
*Required to complete step

2Who will be organising this?

Importance: Essential

Before approaching how to create your webinar, decide first if you are going to be in charge of organising the event, or if you need to assign a member of your team to lead this.

Lead organiser:*
*Required to complete step

3Decide on the format of presenting the webinar

Importance: Essential

Is it one person presenting or are you assembling a panel of specialists with a host?

*Required to complete step

4How will you host it?

Importance: Optional

Decide on your preferred platform. Popular platform to use are; Zoom, Cisco Webex, Join. me and google+ hangout.Does it cover the number of expected attendees? Can you record the webinar for distribution afterwards?

5Where will you host it?

Importance: Optional

Consider somewhere quiet where interruptions can be kept at a minimum. Test the sound in your preferred location beforehand.

6Promote your webinar

Importance: Optional

Treat it like any other campaign, for extra help consult your marketing team. If you are working on your own, consider: -sending an email to prospects/customers-promote webinar on your socials-run a PPC campaign or boost posts on social mediaUse our email template below and social template to help promote your webinar.

Hi, [INSERT NAME]I’m hosting a webinar on [INSERT DATE/ TIME] about [INSERT WEBINAR TITLE] and it would be great if you could join me.The webinar will [INSERT BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE WEBINAR, SELLING IT TO THEM].If you would like to attend, simply RSVP to this email ‘YES’ and join me live on [DATE] on this link [INSERT WEBINAR LINK].Thanks,[INSERT EMAIL SIGNATURE]
Want to [INSERT ACTION I.E LEARN] about [INSERT TITLE]? Join me on [DATE] here [LINK]. #webinar

7Call to action

Importance: Optional

What do you want people to do after your webinar? Sign up for others, request a meeting/demo?

8Measure success

Importance: Optional

Based on you CTA, measure the success by setting up UTM tracking for all the elements mentioned above and track engagement levels and sign ups.If you can’t set up UTM tracking, consider monitoring the amount of views you get, notice if you see a rise on any of your socials and ask any future sign ups if they came from your webinar.

9Follow up

Importance: Optional

Send webinar recording to those who attended thanking them for their participation. Don’t forget the no-shows – send them a copy too.


Thanks for joining me for the [INSERT WEBINAR TITLE]. It was great seeing so many of you take an interest and I will let you know when we have our next one.

Missed out on the webinar or want to view it again? No worries. You can download a recording of the webinar here [INSERT WEBINAR LINK].



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