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Workflow management powered by process.

Because every team should beSlick.

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"Communication used to happen in a very organic but haphazard way ... we’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability ... we’ve got an operating system now."

Murf, Co-founder, The Beefy Boys
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Never forget a task again.

Imagine pen & paper, but better.

Always with you, collaborative and automatically updated with tasks from your business  workflows and processes.

Quick add | Snooze | Prioritize | Reassign | Mobile app (iOS & Android)


Screenshot of Digital Forms field configuration using shortnames

Share Forms, not frustration.

Manage approvals, onboarding, purchase requests, audit inspections and anything else you need to systemize.

beSlick helps you streamline operations & reduce errors in minutes, not months.

Public Forms | Data validation | Form linking | Shortname variables | Compliance


Employee onboarding process HR template screenshot

Centralise process, followed by all.

beSlick centralizes process & SOP as templates in your searchable library, and run them as task checklists to create consistency.

So everyone always knows what to do and how to do it.

Process library | Feedback | Drag & drop flowcharts | Embed video & docs | Training


Screenshot of a Template Report in beSlick

Instant visibility & accountability.

beSlick shows progress, what is overdue and what couldn't be done - including why.

To help with compliance every activity is timestamped with an audit trail, and data you can export.

Compliance | Track 'why not done' | Data export | Continuous Improvement


Time to make work better

14 day trial, no card required. Our privacy policy.

"beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can't live without it now."

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions

beSlick key features

My Tasks

Stress free management of your tasks, actions & reminders, wherever you are

Team Task Management

Assign checklists, track team tasks & projects to improve collaboration

Templates & process management

Centralise process in a searchable library to improve consistency

Digital Forms

Build forms with task automation to increase productivity

Reporting & Compliance

Realtime operational visibility with time stamped audit trail

Integration & Automation

Reduce errors and spend less time on routine activity

Less expensive than chaos

"The best product we have invested in so far, now everyone knows exactly when and what to do"


Chrissy Wilson
Operations Manager

14 day trial, no card required. Our privacy policy.

Powerful, easy to use tool to track time critical workflow for our legal clients

Has transformed our onboarding, we're now in 'zero-friction' territory which is awesome

Everyone uses it every day... we can't live without beSlick now.

As an Agency we onboard and manage a lot of clients daily - beSlick handles it all.

Gives me back control of my business knowing that everything is being done correctly, every time.

The perfect solution to help standardise processes throughout the business

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