Overcoming the challenges of managing your sales lead process

Aug 2018

Lead generation and building pipeline is a challenge for most growing organisations. Whether it’s finding new prospects, challenges converting leads, or growing opportunities, there are numerous obstacles in the sales lead process that need to be overcome.

According to Hubspot’s ‘State of Inbound Report’, which is based on the responses of over 6,000 people, the top challenges for salespeople are:

  • Getting A Response From Prospects
  • Closing Deals
  • Prospecting Good Leads
  • Engaging With Decision-Makers
  • Avoiding Discounting
  • Connecting Via The Phone

But rather than losing sleep at night, worrying about how you’re going to hit ‘the number’, all you really need to do is apply process.

How to improve your sales lead process

Considering your sales lead process in its entirety is a monsterous task, and likely to prove a fruitless exercise. Therefore, it’s essential to take each challenge and break it down into baby steps. For example:

  • Getting a response from prospects: What could you do next? Email them? Phone them? Send them something?
  • Still no response: Then what? Email them again? Phone them again? Send them something else?
  • Still no response: Then what? Turn up on their doorstep with a box of cakes hoping the receptionist will let you in?!
  • Still no response: Is it time to give up? Or time to evaluate what you could do differently? Is the message resonating? Do you need to go back and do some research to identify what they really care about? Could you try contacting them at a different time of the day? Is there a more compelling call-to-action? Could you work more closely with the marketing department for support?

By mapping out the individual steps, you can start to create a process that’s robust and repeatable.

Great, I have a workable sales lead process, but how do I manage it?

To have a process mapped out is a great first step – you’d be surprised at the amount of businesses that don’t have any of their processes written down. But now you need to ensure it’s followed and continuously improved.

This is where technology comes into play. Using process software as the platform on which to manage your processes, means you can be assured that no essential steps are ever missed, your employees feel empowered to perform tasks in the best way they know how, and your organisation continues to improve. With process management software, all your sales lead process problems will finally go away and you can finally sleep easy at night.

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