Process Bliss is now beSlick

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Task management automated by your processes.

Because every team should beSlick.

Why have we changed Process Bliss’s name to beSlick?

When we set out three years ago, our focus was all about process.

However clients are now using the platform as a much broader tool for managing all of their work, not just repeatable process.

It manages all of their collaborative tasks and for most users it has become their personal todo list that helps make their day productive.

To these users the name Process Bliss makes no sense and can be confusing – process is actually the tasks they need to work on in their broader work management system.

So we have revisited our name considering the actual value we deliver to a business.

When I look back to using Process Bliss to manage my old business, the way I felt was that we always got everything spot on. We looked professional, we never missed anything, everything ran perfectly – in essence we had “become slick”.

And when we set up this business the mission was to enable any company to “be slick”.

I am proud of our growth, and excited about our future – but we couldn’t have achieved any of this without our customers and I would like to say thank you for your continued support.

We’re on a mission to help every business, every team, every individual beSlick.

Alister Esam

CEO, beSlick
Author of The Dirty Word 

BeSlik logo

Task management automated by your processes.

Because every team should beSlick.

Reduce Stress

People aren’t elephants.

Keeping a hundred things in your head creates stress and errors.

beSlick manages your tasks, actions, reminders, projects & ideas so nothing gets forgotten, and you know exactly what to focus on.

Quick add | Snooze | Prioritize | Reassign | Mobile app


Show what to do and how to do it.

If process isn’t followed and nothing is consistent, how can you improve?

beSlick centralises process so you can execute it as checklists. Process becomes consistent and followed by all, while ideas are implemented swiftly.

Process & procedure | Staff feedback | Drag & drop flowcharts | Embed video & docs


Guarantee awesome

Instant visibility

See what works, and what doesn’t.

Create accountability & visibility that works for everyone.

beSlick instantly shows progress, workload and what is overdue. See what works – and what doesn’t, so you can fix it.

Compliance | Track ‘why not done’ | Data export | Continuous Improvement


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean a reduced focus on 'process' in your platform?

No, in fact the importance of process is core to our ethos.

Our clients may be using beSlick for all their work but Process is the reason they chose us over another work management platform.

So, while the word ‘process’ is no longer in our name, development on process management related features remains a high priority in our roadmap.

I really liked the name Process Bliss. Can you keep it for me?

Thank you, we liked it too.

However our system manages all of an organisation’s work, and to users repeatable process, whilst fundamentally important to get right, is just one subset of the many things that are done in a business.

Will our invoices or any agreements with you change?


Our business operating structure is not changing, we are still Deftli Ltd, but we will be changing to trade as beSlick rather than beSlick. There is no need to change any agreements, and our invoices or credit card charges to your business will remain as current.

Will changes be made to The Dirty Word and


Everything that is currently available will still exist including the following free resources;

References to Process Bliss will be updated to beSlick.

Where can I find out more about your development roadmap?

We don’t yet make our roadmap available publicly, however we do listen closely to feedback from all our customers so please, do get in touch to discuss.

We have a number of incremental improvements due over the next month or two, however the next big release is Digital Forms, that will help you digitize your business processes and increase the data handling, automation and logic capabilities of beSlick.