Reporting & compliance for informed decisions and reduced risk

  • Real-time visibility
  • Time-stamped audit trail
  • Record non-compliance
  • Clear visual reports

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be Compliant

Every template or task change, every action and submission is tracked with a time stamped audit trail.

be Informed

Define & share task reports, or see RAG template reports that show progress, overdue & non-compliance.

be Flexible

Export extensive template datasets for further integration in your BI platform to understand behaviour.
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Template Reports for operational insight

beSlick creates realtime RAG task views for every template or process, so everyone is absolutely clear on progress.

You can instantly see who did what and when, what is overdue and what still needs doing.

Critically for compliance, see when things can’t be done – and the reason why.

This level of insight supports continuous improvement, and is shown as a performance percentage across every Template in your business for a high level view.

Auditable trails to support compliance

Every activity in beSlick is tracked with a time stamped trail.

When considering quality standards such as ISO, CQC or FCA guidelines, this information is invaluable. It means that when using beSlick you have;

  1. Documented your processes
  2. Provided evidence they are being followed
  3. Tracked areas of non-compliance
  4. Alongside any actions taken to improve how things work

Every audit becomes a breeze, and compliance moves from box ticking to adding value.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Can reports be shared across different parts of the business?

Yes, once you have defined a report you can make it shareable, which creates a URL that you can email or message to other people. They can also save the report, and this also allows you to save the report directly to your bookmarks bar so it can be easily referenced.

Once you have saved a report, it is also visible as a dashboard filter so you can view the associated task metrics in a way that suits you.

It is important to note that when you share a report, you are sharing the filters that have been applied, so another user can only see tasks they have the permissions to see. This helps to ensure you aren’t accidentally sharing information that may be confidential to certain team members.

Does the beSlick audit compliance tool allow for data exports?

Yes. You can export your data as a CSV file that will include timestamped activity for analysis or evidence of compliance.

Can the beSlick compliance management software store historical business data?

Yes, absolutely. As you can imagine, beSlick stores a huge amount of valuable information about activity in your business. This includes:

  • when something was assigned and to whom, and its due date.
  • who actually did it, and when.
  • when something couldn’t be done, the reason why.
  • if data in a form is changed, it tracks who unsubmitted and resubmitted that data.
  • all of this is tracked and timestamped to support compliance.
  • the platform also tracks any edits to templates, and who made them, to cover every eventuality and ensure data integrity.
Can I try the beSlick compliance and reporting tool for free?

Yes! You can try beSlick for free by trialling our standard offering for 14 days, or go with our free plan that’s free forever for up to three users.