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Instant visibility with time stamped audit trail

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<span style="font-family: Hero New Bold; color: #1d8397; letter-spacing: -.05em;font-size:1.1em;">be<span style="color: #263248; letter-spacing: -.05em;font-size:1em;">Slick</span></span> UI with populated templates

Template Reports for operational insight.

beSlick creates realtime RAG task views for every template or process, so everyone is absolutely clear on progress.

You can instantly see who did what and when, what is overdue and what still needs doing.

Critically for compliance, see when things can’t be done – and the reason why.

This level of insight supports continuous improvement, and is shown as a performance percentage across every Template in your business for a high level view.

Auditable trails to support compliance.

Every activity in beSlick is tracked with a time stamped trail.

When considering quality standards such as ISO, CQC or FCA guidelines, this information is invaluable. It means that when using beSlick you have;

  1. Documented your processes
  2. Provided evidence they are being followed
  3. Tracked areas of non-compliance
  4. Alongside any actions taken to improve how things work

Every audit becomes a breeze, and compliance moves from box ticking to adding value.

Template reports

Easily see what has been done, what can’t be done (and why) and what is overdue.

All Tasks reports

Create and share reports to show dashboard views across teams or key business activities.

Auditable log

Auditable activity trail showing what happened, when and who by – alongside changes.

Template feedback

Feedback on templates is captured as it happens, so you can continuously improve.

Data export

Export data as a CSV with time stamped activity for analysis or evidence of compliance.

Template Analytics

High level analytics to track process performance and usage.

Because every work request should beSlick

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“Communication used to happen in a very organic but haphazard way … we’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability … we’ve got an operating system now.”

Murf, Co-founder, The Beefy Boys