Make sure only the person leaves the business

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Make sure it's only your staff that leave the business - offboarding

Make sure only the person leaves the business

by | 14 Nov, 2018 | Process

If we were to ask you to describe what you do day-to-day at work, you would inevitably mention the biggest and most important tasks, as well as the things that you enjoy most. It’s only natural as we simply don’t have the capacity to explain and describe every single task that we do on a daily basis.

It’s almost the same as asking how you got to work today. Most of you will say that you drove your car. In fact, what you actually did was unlock the car, open the car door, get in the car, turn the ignition on etc etc. We just wrap this all up under the umbrella of ‘driving’, just like we have a general umbrella of ‘work’. It’s a process.

Working in this way allows us to get on with our daily tasks and not get bogged down by thinking about every single step, which is fine until things stop working quite as well as they once did, or until it’s time for the person responsible for those tasks to move on.

“If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me…”

No matter how hard we try to put together complete and detailed hand over plans in place during those final few weeks and months to deal with the ‘staff offboarding’ process, there will inevitably be things forgotten or overlooked. Without having a clear process in place for how core tasks are completed, this could lead to potentially disastrous consequences.

How many times have we seen passwords go unchanged for months, even years, with employees coming and going, all having continued access to sensitive information long after they have left?

A study by Intermedia conducted in 2014 showed that 89% of past employees still have access to at least one data source after leaving their organisation. With the massive increase in IoT and BYOD applications now used in the workforce in the intervening 4 years, this number could have increased further still.

Do you know if there is a process in place for changing passwords and access in your organisation?

It makes an ass out of u and me

We all know the age old adage around making assumptions, yet this is still the most likely cause of this security breach. As a manager, you don’t know the full details around what tasks each member of your team is carrying out, but you’re sure that when it comes time to hand them over, they will be thorough and include everything, right?

We recently had an example ourselves, when one of the PB team realised they still had access to their previous employers paid social accounts. Of course they alerted the company in question, but they weren’t even sure how to remove access after being alerted, let alone proactively removing them at the point that they moved on. What’s most interesting is this prompted other members of the PB team to check, and several other also had access to previous employers paid social channels as well; three years after leaving that company.

The need for control without being controlling

At beSlick one of the most common processes we’re asked to help with is the employee onboarding process. Having this structure and standardised in a way to ensure that essential steps aren’t overlooked is vital. You only get one chance to make that first impression with your new hire, and legally there was tasks that have to be completed before they can start work.

The staff offboarding process however is one that is often overshadowed and overlooked. The recent example above didn’t have any serious consequences as it wouldn’t with most honest people. However, the potential was still there to alter the campaigns and brand messages they were giving out to their customers, as well as significantly increase the amount they were spending on a daily basis or even to turn them off altogether. Sadly, not all splits are amicable and not all people are entirely honest. Can you really run that risk?

Use it your way; Technology that works for you

Process is key to enabling businesses to run smoothly and to reach their potential, and whilst we firmly believe that people are smarter than process, their memory isn’t infallible, which is why it’s vital to have quality & assurance systems in place to catch the things that may fall through the net at critical and stressful times.

Try beSlick and begin to set your process straight. It’s not about getting it right first time, it’s about seeing what you have and knowing where you need to improve. By taking this one small step, you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle the next time one of your employees moves on.

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