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A digital workspace to deliver the critical, difficult processes that run your business.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Central, secure library
  • Process analytics

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be Accountable

Standardize process documentation across your business, with clear accountability and enriched documentation that includes video, documentation and relevant links.

be Informed

Improve decision making with complete oversight of all mission-critical tasks, seeing where & why things can’t be done so that you can continuously improve.

be Innovative

Continuously improve based on user feedback, process analytics and operational performance. Changes are implemented instantly.
beSlick UI with populated templates

Make your workflow processes stick

When processes aren’t followed it can kill your business. It doesn’t happen because they don’t exist, it happens because people don’t know them.

With beSlick you can create processes that are stuck to.

Be it your approach to reporting or your audit workflow, build and run interactive processes that everyone can access at any moment.

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Workflow software that provides instant visibility & accountability

Give your processes dynamic checklists that automatically notify people.

Observe how your workflow is running in real time – with the option to add video, documentation and guidance for extra clarity.

And if you want to use the same workflow again, simply turn it into a template.

You then create tasks from your templates, dynamic checklists that automatically notify people when they need to do something.

To standardize process input, Digital Forms make work requests easy (even for clients).

Diagram showing good team communication using process and forms

Why choose our business workflow tool?

  • Create processes that are followed

    Use beSlick to build workflows that are accessible, intuitive and right for modern workers and businesses.

  • Make workflows collaborative

    Your team mates can engage with your processes and leave improvement ideas.

  • We scale with you

    Whether you’re a team of five or 500, our workflow software adapts with the needs of your business.

  • You can try for free – and cancel whenever you like

    Test beSlick for free using our 14-day free trial and cancel at any time – no questions asked.

Time to make work better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create teams within the beSlick workflow process feature?

Yes, absolutely and this is a great way to manage task workflow. In beSlick, teams can be created as ‘groups’. Groups can also be used to more easily manage access and editing permissions for templates.

In beSlick, you can assign tasks and steps to groups as well as individuals, and can act as a workflow queue. So if in a process you need to assign something to the admin team, you simply create an ‘Admin’ group and assign the step to it. Everyone in that group will see that in their to-do list, and can either do it directly or reassign it to themselves and remove it from the group or queue.

You can also use groups for roles, such as Finance Director.

Can I add different types of media into the beSlick workflow builder?

Yes, you can attach a variety of media to beSlick steps and tasks. This includes documents, links to external websites or guidance and embed pictures or videos. In this way, templates become an excellent training tool for employee onboarding as they don’t just tell someone what to do, but also how to do it. This means that your templates can become fully fledged training documents that anyone can access and make use of. Your team becomes more productive, and instructions on how to do something are directly visible in the task they’ve been assigned.

Are there any workflow templates available to download?

Yes, we’ve created a library of process templates that you can use for workflow in the beSlick template library. These cover everything from HR templates and finance templates through to marketing templates and customer success templates. Some of these templates also include digital forms, which makes them available to use instantly by anyone in your business, for purchase requests or customer onboarding as an example.

All of these templates can be imported into your beSlick organisation with just one click. If you need something that isn’t there, just let us know and we will help you build it.

Is it easy to prioritise tasks on the beSlick workflow builder?

Yes, while individuals can prioritize and snooze tasks or steps that are assigned to them, you can also indicate the priority of steps in a workflow template. You do this by setting a step to be ‘essential’, which shows it more clearly in reports and if it can’t be done, makes it mandatory for the user to provide a reason why. This is helpful for compliance purposes, and they can also act as milestones when you are looking at template reports.

So everything improves, continuously.