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Consistency is a requirement of growth.

Without process, growing your business is much harder than it needs to be. Costs are high, service is poor and targets are missed.

Documentation can help, but if nobody reads it then your problems remain unsolved.

beSlick helps you create, centralize and embed process so it actually sticks.

Instant visibility & accountability.

Create your processes as templates – like a normal process flowchart but better. You can add video, documentation and guidance so people are continually trained.

You then create tasks from your templates, dynamic checklists that automatically notify people when they need to do something.

To standardize process input, Digital Forms make work requests easy (even for clients).

Process is followed by all while changes are implemented swiftly and effectively. What is meant to happen, actually happens – and if it doesn’t you can see why.

Drive accountability

Create task checklists from templates with clear ownership so everyone knows what to do.

Improve productivity

Use forms & task automation for work requests, meaning less errors and increased output.

Continually improve

Users can leave improvement ideas as highly visible feedback, so things keep getting better.

Manage Groups

Create groups by department or seniority to make assignment and administration easier.

Realtime visibility

Easily track progress to see what has been done, what can’t be done and what is overdue.

Simplify training

Embed video, guidance and links so everyone knows how to do what they need to do.

Because every team should beSlick

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“While we had a handbook, people wouldn’t read it … now beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can’t live without it now.”

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions