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Stress free task & to-do management. Integrated with your email and on mobile, so you never forget a thing.

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be focused

Own your day and get more done.

Keeping a hundred things in your head or email creates stress and errors.

My tasks is a personal todo manager for every user. It creates calm and increases focus so nothing gets forgotten.

It integrates with Gmail & Outlook, and it won’t get left on your desk.

The beSlick mobile app brings My tasks to your pocket so actions, reminders & ideas are always by your side.

Simple or complex, make collaboration easy.

beSlick makes it easy to collaborate with your team.

Tasks can have multiple steps assigned to different people, and automatically notify them when they are ready to be done.

Use templates for things that are repeatable, and even create recurring task schedules (for that weekly check that happens every Friday).

Quickly prioritize

Drag & drop to quickly prioritize what is important for today, and what can wait.

Create clarity

Easily snooze tasks until you need to see them, so you know exactly what needs action today.

Have privacy

Manage personal or private tasks in the same app, so you don’t forget the milk again.

Easily delegate

Create or reassign Tasks across your team, whether you’re on the move or at your desk.


Discuss & resolve issues in the same place you manage your tasks, so everything is at hand.

Save time

Use Templates & recurring task schedules for all the repeatable things you do.

Because every day should beSlick

Reduce stress and save time

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“Before beSlick, work was very chaotic … now I just add the task using my phone and I know I won’t forget about it.”

Rob Whittaker, Vistage Chair & CEO RWA