Shared to-do list app for individuals & teams

Organise your work and collaborate with your colleagues using our to-do list feature.

  • Ad hoc task management
  • Automatic reminders & notifications
  • Collaborate with others
  • Email & mobile integration

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be Focused

Snooze, prioritise & sort to create a focused to-do list of everything that needs doing each day. Keep track across yourself and your team.

be Private

Manage any task, whether personal or business, in one place. Manage tasks on your mobile, directly in your email or on the mobile app.

be Efficient

Create templates for your repetitive tasks, and optionally create them on a schedule so you never forget anything again.

Take control of your day with our personal to-do manager

Never forget another task with a virtual to-do list that never gets left behind.

Use the beSlick mobile app to keep your actions, reminders and ideas in your pocket, wherever you are.

Integrated with Outlook, Gmail and over 3,000 other applications to keep everything in one place.

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A collaborative to-do list to supercharge your team

Working with your team has never been easier.

Alongside task management, use beSlick to create a shared to-do list that lets you assign tasks to team members, send automatic notifications and build recurring task schedules.

beSlick integrated features

Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick

be focused

  • Every user enjoys a daily to-do list of what to focus on.
  • Prioritize, snooze, reassign & email integration.
  • Automated notifications ensure nothing gets missed.

be collaborative

  • View and manage everyone’s work in real time.
  • Automatically notify each team member when things need doing.
  • Raise & resolve issues as tasks progress.

be consistent

  • Easily create complex process & workflows
  • Centralize in your secure, searchable library.
  • Run as task checklists that exactly follow the process.
  • Everyone knows what to do and when it needs to be done.

be productive

  • Standardize information with online forms, reducing errors.
  • Approvals, onboarding, requests & audits.
  • Use internally or externally, for clients or suppliers.
  • Implement in minutes, not months.

be informed

  • See progress, what is overdue and issues raised.
  • When something can't be done, see why.
  • Every activity is timestamped with an audit trail.
  • Visual data you can analyse for informed decision making.

be compliant

  • Real-time process compliance.
  • Track non-confrmance, see why.
  • Full timestamped audit trail.
  • Group based permissions handling.

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Rob Whittaker
Group Vistage Chair & CEO RWA

"Before beSlick, work was very chaotic ... now I just add the task using my phone and I know I won’t forget about it."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prioritise my personal to-do list in the beSlick to-do day manager?

It is really easy – the key to having a productive day is focus. beSlick provides you a list of to-dos that either you’ve created or had assigned to you, which you organise so that you have the focus you need. There are three aspects to this;

  1. Snooze – if you’re not going to do something today, or you’re waiting for something to come back, just snooze a to-do until tomorrow or next week, this helps you declutter.
  2. Prioritize – you can drag & drop to-do items in your list or click to set a priority from Highest to Low, and then order your tasks by priority (or their due date). This is great to put your highest priority items at the top and ensure they get done.
  3. Reassign – if someone else can do the task, you can reassign it with ease, even giving context so that when they receive the task they know why it needs doing.
Can my team see all of the tasks on my private list?

No, any task in your private to-do list is only visible to you.

What are the benefits of having a collaborative to-do day manager?

There are many benefits of using collaborative to-do software.

They can enhance productivity by streamlining the organisation and management of tasks, help individuals and teams prioritise tasks, and improve the quality of communication between team members.

Collaborative to-do day managers can also make delegation easier, enable knowledge sharing and support for teammates.

Can you set reminders ahead of task due dates in the beSlick to-do day manager?

Absolutely. By default, beSlick will notify you as soon as something is available to do, the day before it is due and the day it is overdue. It will alert you in the mobile app, in the browser, and by email – so it is really hard to miss things! If you need additional reminders, you can also use the start date of a task, or add additional steps with a due date inside of task that can act as reminders or milestones towards achieving your goal.