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Past training recordings are available below

What does each training session cover?

Intro to Digital Forms

(Recording from January 2023)

How to streamline operations in your business using Digital Forms, so you can simplify the employee experience and reduce costs.

Managing Tasks

(Recording from 01 June)

How to use beSlick as your personal to-do manager including prioritizing, snooze & reallocating Tasks to colleagues.

Building Templates

(Recording from 08 June)

Using decisions, loops and dependencies to build process & workflows. How to embed video, pictures & data capture. Insight into notifications & best practise.

Reporting & Dashboards

(Recording from 15 June)

How and when to use the various reporting features of beSlick to get visibility into how things are performing.

Advanced Features

(Recording from 22 June)

How to gain insights from exported CSV data. How to use Template Feedback, and guidance on making the most from Groups & Permissions.

Introduction to Zapier

(Recording from 29 June)

How to get started using Zapier to automate Task creation, and export data to a spreadsheet.