Why Process Street isn’t bliss

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Why Process Street isn’t bliss

by | 28 Jan, 2019 | Product

This article is part of our Process 101 guide.

“Simple process and workflow management” – but does Process Street do exactly what it says on the tin?

We believe in empowering people to deliver the results, not controlling them. That’s what creates success.

beSlick is simple process management software for the repeatable processes in your business. It allows you to start improving the way you do things very quickly.

Here’s why:

Simple functionality for a purpose

Feature-rich, complex software is hard to roll out in your business. beSlick is simple by design. We track and discuss every piece of user feedback, as well as coming up with new ideas at our weekly product development meeting. BUT, usability comes first. We only design and develop new features if we can do that without compromising usability.

Empower and reassure

If you force people to tick a box, they’ll do it regardless of whether they’ve performed the action or not. Ultimately people are smarter than process, which is why beSlick allows them to ignore the process but captures the reason(s) why they can’t/won’t perform a step. beSlick shows you where process is failing your people and how to continuously improve.

It’s about people

Your process may be the ‘way’ you run your business, but it’s the people who follow it. beSlick captures all the information the user needs to run your process, making it an invaluable resource and tool that they can’t function without. Now your processes are followed, so things are done the same way, by everyone, everytime.

You don’t have to be perfect

Some process management tools require you to have a perfectly defined process worked out before you ever log into the platform. beSlick is different because it helps build the process for you. Our users log on and just start putting the steps down. Then you can order them, invite colleagues to collaborate and add/delete steps, and then save it as a template for future use.

It’s better to have a poor process that your people are improving than a good one that no-one ever looks at.

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