Why you can’t survive without an empowered workforce

Systemize your business, empower teams and improve efficiency

Our vision is for an empowered, motivated workforce where process is defined by the bottom up – rather than be dictated from the top, down.

Think about it…

As the ones doing the work, your employees know the most effective way to get things done. They see where things aren’t working. And they have ideas on how to improve it.

So why would you ignore that valuable insight, instead, choosing to tell them what they should be doing?

It takes a bold leader to relinquish control, and yet being brave can reap impressive results…

In the spotlight: WD-40

A miraculous product with over 2,000 uses, WD-40 can do everything from repelling wasps, removing chewing gum from hair, eliminating tea stains, cleaning guitar strings, protecting your golf clubs…oh, and it’s a lubricant too.

But ignore this wonder product for a second and take a closer look at the leadership style that drives the business. CEO, Garry Ridge, has created a culture of trust and respect, stating:

“Leadership is about learning and teaching. Why waste getting old if you can’t get wise? We have no mistakes here, we have learning moments.”

The results created by this leadership style are impressive:

  • Employee engagement exceeds 90%
  • Shareholder value has grown consistently for the past 14 years

Key to creating an empowered workforce is software…

Specifically, beSlick.

beSlick is revolutionary because it empowers staff to improve processes where they see it isn’t working. By taking ownership of the process, they care about it and want to make it better…

If that means ignoring a step in the process because they can’t do it, or feel it’s unnecessary – that’s fine.

No other provider says ignoring the steps is fine. We say it because we know that allowing people to ignore process, while capturing the reason(s) why is how you continuously improve.

Empower your employees with confidence

63% of employees aren’t clear about all of their company’s processes…
beSlick makes process part of business-as-usual activity.

Taking process out of the fileshare, beSlick is a ‘real-time’, useful tool that gives users everything they need to work smarter.

76% of SME leaders admit they do not manage process effectively…
beSlick captures timely, accurate feedback

Forget the rarely performed project wash-up. beSlick captures feedback throughout the process at the moment each step is performed.

32% of employees say they do not feel trusted in the workplace…
beSlick provides at-a-glance reporting

Recording every time a process is run, with associated comments and highlighting any ‘skipped’ steps – beSlick is perfect for compliance/auditing purposes.

Need work to actually work?

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