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Simple task management for users, powerful process management for your business. All in one platform.

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“beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can’t live without it now.”

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions

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Select a defined sector solution with templates ready to go. We’ll customise to your business and train your teams on how to get started quickly.

Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick

be focused

Bin the spreadsheets, burn the paper... so nobody misses anything ever again.

Every user enjoys a simple task list that combines personal to-dos with tasks from your business workflows and processes.

Integrates with Gmail, Outlook and available on your mobile.

Quick add | Snooze | Prioritize | Reassign | Mobile app (iOS & Android)


Screenshot of Digital Forms field configuration using shortnames

be productive

Share forms to standardize information, improve productivity and eliminate frustration.

Manage approvals, onboarding, purchase requests, audit inspections and anything else you need to systemize.

beSlick helps you streamline operations & reduce errors in minutes, not months.

Public Forms | Data validation | Form linking | Shortname variables | Compliance


Employee onboarding process HR template screenshot

be consistent

Centralize process so it becomes embedded and is followed by all.

beSlick helps you create process & procedure as templates in your searchable library, and run them as task checklists to create consistency.

So everyone always knows what to do and how to do it, and when it needs to be done.

Process library | Feedback | Drag & drop flowcharts | Embed video & docs | Training


Screenshot of a Template Report in beSlick

be informed

Gain instant visibility & accountability across operations.

beSlick shows progress, what is overdue and what couldn't be done - including why.

To help with compliance every activity is timestamped with an audit trail, with data you can export.

Compliance | Track 'why not done' | Data export | Continuous Improvement


Need help transforming your business?

Simply documenting process doesn’t work.

We ensure process is followed by all and create a growth culture.

So you achieve better, faster.

“We’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability …we’ve got an operating system now.”

Murf, The Beefy Boys

We audit & capture your key process

Embed & systemize operations

Train teams for continuous improvement


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