Simple delivery of your difficult processes.

Less errors, more visibility.

be Accountable

Ensure individual responsibility with automated task allocation and date driven event handling.

be Informed

Improve compliance & decision making with complete oversight of all mission-critical tasks.

be Efficient

Reduce costs by eliminating outdated solutions to business critical challenges.
of employees say their company has lost customers due to failed process
of senior managers lose one day every week managing process
of employees are not clear about company process

What critical process do you need to fix?

beSlick is the elegantly simple way to ensure consistent delivery of your difficult process & workflow. It gives you the power to be brilliant, by integrating process, workflow and task management into one easy to use platform. Less errors, more visibility.

  • Define
    A simple drag-and-drop flowchart builder helps you design precisely how things should work.

  • Deliver
    Users know exactly what to do and when, service is consistently seamless.

  • Continuously improve
    You gain clear visibility across all operations, with the power to spot gaps and optimize performance.



  • Drag & drop builder
  • Forms, video & documents
  • Centralised & secure
  • Feedback & improvement


  • Checklists that follow process
  • Simple to-do list for every user
  • Visual reports & dashboards
  • Integrate 3,000+ apps


  • Track compliance
  • Record ‘why not done’
  • All activity time stamped
  • Audit trail of changes

How do we help our clients be brilliant?

  • Customer onboarding / offboarding
  • Change requests
  • Finance month end
  • Purchase requests
  • Invoice approvals
  • Employee onboarding / offboarding
  • Job application & screening
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Site inspections & audits
  • Any difficult process

Define, deliver & continuously improve any difficult process.

Restaurant chain eliminates paper to achieve 5* rating

Health & safety compliance during expansion was challenging, covering new employee training and regular checks across kitchens and front of house.
Moving from paper to beSlick provided instant accountability & visibility, ensuring their brand was associated with exceptional quality and an increase in bookings.

Non-profit consultancy transforms accountability

Grant applications operate on a strict timeline, and deadlines being missed can be catastrophic for the charities involved.

With beSlick, this key workflow became highly visible and easy to track, with everyone clear on exactly what they needed to do at each stage.

Shoe retailer digitizes goods in/out and cyclical finance operations

COVID had a big impact on the fortunes of this retailer, who needed to achieve more with less as they restructured their approach.
Using beSlick, they digitized many manual workflows to create a consistent schedule across finance & operations. With import & export to multiple contries, beSlick has made the complex elegantly simple.

Solar power installer improves delivery workflow

Client installations require data gathering, site surveys and multiple design stages to ensure accurate pricing, alongside internal approvals to ensure risk is mitigated to all parties.

Moving from spreadsheet & email management of this complex workflow has meant quotes are delivered more quickly, site issues significantly reduced and happier customers that refer the business to others.

construction worker in front of new office building in construction

Finance ditches email to manage construction invoice approvals

Each construction project resulted in hundreds of supplier invoices that needed tracking through the payments approval process, flooding site managers inbox with approval requests.

With beSlick, the entire process was digitized while providing the accounts payable finance team clear oversight of status and what remained outstanding.

Cosmetics manufacture production line

Cosmetics manufacturer reduces cost of compliance

Every product produced on behalf of a client required a rigorous quality and checking process, that could be evidenced during audit to maintain their high quality production standards.

Moving from paper & spreadsheets to beSlick provided a simple yet effective way of demonstrating compliance, while ensuring an effective production line that delivered on time.

Surveyor transforms valuations to improve efficiency

In the rapidly moving property & real estate market, time is critical in achieving optimum results for clients.

Moving from a limited CRM solution to beSlick provided flexible, granular management of end-to-end valuations workflow to ensure better utilisation of surveyors and improved response time to enquiries.

beSlick integrated features

Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick

be focused

  • Every user enjoys a daily to-do list of what to focus on.
  • Prioritize, snooze, reassign & email integration.
  • Automated notifications ensure nothing gets missed.

be collaborative

  • View and manage everyone’s work in real time.
  • Automatically notify each team member when things need doing.
  • Raise & resolve issues as tasks progress.

be consistent

  • Easily create complex process & workflows
  • Centralize in your secure, searchable library.
  • Run as task checklists that exactly follow the process.
  • Everyone knows what to do and when it needs to be done.

be productive

  • Standardize information with online forms, reducing errors.
  • Approvals, onboarding, requests & audits.
  • Use internally or externally, for clients or suppliers.
  • Implement in minutes, not months.

be informed

  • See progress, what is overdue and issues raised.
  • When something can't be done, see why.
  • Every activity is timestamped with an audit trail.
  • Visual data you can analyse for informed decision making.

be compliant

  • Real-time process compliance.
  • Track non-confrmance, see why.
  • Full timestamped audit trail.
  • Group based permissions handling.

Need help delivering difficult process?

When process & task activity are integrated, productivity soars and change is swift.

We can work with you to achieve better, faster.

  • We’ll map your process to best practise
  • Train teams on usage
  • Have you up & running within 24hrs
Murf of Beefy Boys profile picture explaining actions
Anthony Murphy

"We've seen real changes in efficiency and accountability ... we've got an operating system now"
Matthew Cole profile picture
Matthew Cole
CFO, Shoe Depot

"We use it for complex goods in (import and export) ... definitely a powerful tool to hack our way to efficiency."
Ronnie Conway

"Powerful, easy to use tool to track time critical workflow for our legal clients."
Larence Walsh profile picture
Lawrence Walsh
Managing Director

"Has transformed our onboarding, we're now in 'zero-friction' territory which is awesome!"
Sheryl Soukup profile picture
Sheryl Soukup

"beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can't live without it now."
Rob Whittaker profile picture
Rob Whittaker
Group Vistage Chair & CEO RWA

"I got this huge sense of relief like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. I wish I had found beSlick sooner."
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