Task management powered by process

Goodbye to paper, spreadsheets & black holes. Hello to visibility, accountability and growth.
Now every team can beSlick.

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My Tasks +

Collaborative to-do manager for all your tasks, reminders & actions.

Templates +

Drag & drop easy to follow flowcharts that show what & how.

Library +

One central, searchable home for process & procedure.

Reports +

Clear visibility into progress, what is overdue and what needs fixing.

Collaborate +

Comment, @mention, assign & feedback. Work together.

be focused

One place for all your tasks.

Keeping a hundred things in your head creates stress and errors.

beSlick manages your tasks, actions, reminders & ideas so nothing gets forgotten, and you know exactly what to focus on.

Plus, with the mobile app they never get left on your desk (iOS & Android).

Quick add | Snooze | Prioritize | Reassign | Mobile app


Centralise process, and continuously improve.

If people aren't clear what to do how can you create consistency?

beSlick centralises process so you can execute as task checklists. Activity becomes consistent and followed by all, while improvements and ideas are implemented swiftly.

Process & procedure | Staff feedback | Drag & drop flowcharts | Embed video & docs


be consistent

be informed

Create instant visibility & accountability.

beSlick instantly shows progress, workload and what is overdue. See issues clearly, so you can fix them and record 'why' when things can't be done.

Make compliance simple with timestamped, auditable activity trails.

Compliance | Track 'why not done' | Data export | Continuous Improvement


Workflow & Tasks

Deliver operational visibility

Personal to-do manager for everything
Execute as dynamic Task checklists
Groups, Guest Access & Recurring Tasks
Integrate & automate 3,000+ apps

Process & Procedure

One central searchable library

Drag & drop flowchart builder
Collaborate, create, publish & share
Embed documents, video, data & links
Permissions based folder structure

Reports & Compliance

Reduce cost of compliance

Visual reporting & data export
Feedback & Continuous Improvement
Timestamp audit trail of all activity
Track non-compliance & why

Need help transforming your business?

Simply documenting process doesn’t work.

We ensure process is followed by all and create a growth culture.

So you achieve better, faster.

We audit & capture your key process

Embed usage and create a systemised business

Train teams to consistently improve


14 day trial, no credit card required. Our privacy policy.