Digital approval workflows that keep everyone informed.

Simple to request and easy to approve, help everything run like clockwork.

“We’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability … we’ve got an operating system now.”

Murf, Visionary @ The Beefy Boys

flexible approval workflow

Use customisable approval workflow with date dependencies, devicions and loops that assign the right steps to the right people, at the right time.

Involve employees, clients & suppliers to make them a seamless part of operations.

keep everyone informed

Every activity is time stamped with an audit trail, and clear RAG views of what has been done and when things are overdue.

Automatically notify people when things need approving or are overdue, and record ‘why’ when something can’t be approved.

streamline requests

Efficiency starts with having the right data at the right time, in the right format.

Integrate forms with your workflow and make them available for all staff to access, so multi-stage approvals are easy to request.

Diagram showing poor inefficient team communication task activity

Email approval chains don’t work.

Employees don’t know how to request them, things get lost in the chain, and people start skipping the process for urgent requirements because they take too long.

This creates cost and frustration in your business that doesn’t have to exist.

To make approvals easy, you need beSlick Approvals.

Diagram showing good team communication using process and forms

Digitize your approvals to reduce cost.

With beSlick Approvals, you can define approval chains to accommodate almost any scenario;

  • Purchase approvals
  • Invoice approvals
  • Absence leave requests
  • Client deliverable requests
  • Budget request approvals
  • New hire approvals

Alongside anything else that makes your business profitable, compliant and ensure you deliver a good service.

Screenshot of Digital Forms field configuration using shortnames

Improve the employee experience

With beSlick Approvals, you create easy to use request forms that collate the right information at the right time so missing data doesn’t hold up the approval process.

You can gather information from different parties and present the data combined in a single approval request – no more jumping between different systems.

We’ll help customize to your exact requirements, integrate with other software and even create a friendly employee portal to make them easy to find.

Screenshot of a Template Report in beSlick

Keep everyone informed.

With beSlick Approvals, your team enjoys a simple task list of which approvals need doing, and notified of any new tasks or if something is overdue.

You gain realtime visibility across activity to see when things have been done – importantly you can also see when something couldn’t be done and why.

We’ll also provide you with monthly management reports that give granular detail on trends, success metrics and team engagement, so you can be confident everything is running like clockwork.

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Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions