Online Digital Forms to streamline work requests

Streamline your operations & boost team productivity with smart online forms.

  • Repid deployment
  • Data validation
  • Create shareable links
  • Automatic task creation

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be Automated

Use submitted data as shortname variables that tailor tasks based on the information provided.

be Compliant

Every submission or data change has a time stamped audit trail for absolute confidence in the provenance of your data.

be Efficient

Make common work requests forms available to all, even externally, that automatically assign tasks for completion.
Diagram showing good team communication using process and forms

Digital forms that capture every detail

Teams need the right information, at the right time and in the right format.

beSlick’s automated digital business forms collect and instantly process the data you need, so your team can take it off their to-do list.

Whether you’re receiving customer requests, managing purchase approvals or setting up a new hire, our Digital Forms feature does it for you.

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Instantly boost team productivity

Anyone can easily create online forms in minutes using beSlick’s drag and drop builder.

Each time a form is submitted, a task is created that exactly follows your template process, automatically assigning steps and due dates as needed.

Why choose our online form builder?

  • Cut costs and time

    Offline data entry costs time and resources. Digital Forms reduce both to improve efficiency and empower your team to work on what matters most.

  • Collect data from anywhere

    As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can share online forms with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

  • Improve your data accuracy

    Digital Forms reduce the likelihood of errors and crucially improve the accuracy of the data you collect.

  • Easily connect your data

    beSlick Digital Forms can be easily linked to other processes or sources of information, which means it’s simple to track what happens after data is inputted.

With beSlick you can try our free 14-day trial and convert to a paid or free forever plan with ease.

beSlick integrated features

Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick

be focused

  • Every user enjoys a daily to-do list of what to focus on.
  • Prioritize, snooze, reassign & email integration.
  • Automated notifications ensure nothing gets missed.

be collaborative

  • View and manage everyone’s work in real time.
  • Automatically notify each team member when things need doing.
  • Raise & resolve issues as tasks progress.

be consistent

  • Easily create complex process & workflows
  • Centralize in your secure, searchable library.
  • Run as task checklists that exactly follow the process.
  • Everyone knows what to do and when it needs to be done.

be productive

  • Standardize information with online forms, reducing errors.
  • Approvals, onboarding, requests & audits.
  • Use internally or externally, for clients or suppliers.
  • Implement in minutes, not months.

be informed

  • See progress, what is overdue and issues raised.
  • When something can't be done, see why.
  • Every activity is timestamped with an audit trail.
  • Visual data you can analyse for informed decision making.

be compliant

  • Real-time process compliance.
  • Track non-confrmance, see why.
  • Full timestamped audit trail.
  • Group based permissions handling.

Time to make work better

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share beSlick digital forms between teams within my business?

Yes, absolutely. Using beSlick public forms, it will generate a unique url that you can share with anyone – including clients or suppliers. These urls can then be embedded in SharePoint or other intranet software, on your website or in email communication. When these forms are submitted it will create a task that automatically notifies everyone involved what they need to next with that information.

An effective team is one that has the right information, at the right time, in the right format – and using public forms is an excellent way to increase the productivity of your team. Example scenarios include supplier onboarding, maintenance issues, employee onboarding, customer deliveries, sales enquiries, purchase requests and more.

Can I invite people from outside of my business to collaborate on beSlick digital forms?

Yes, and the best news is that these users are not charged – they are called guest users and they are free. When you assign a step to someone that is outside of your organisation they will receive an invite to create a secure password and become a guest member. They will only be able to see the task they are involved in, and only be able to interact with steps that are assigned to them. They won’t be able to access templates, or see comments on steps not assigned to them. This is a great way to manage workload or customer onboarding with clients, or assign onboarding tasks to new employees.

Can I add due dates or reminders to beSlick digital forms?

Yes, if you’re using a form as a step in a task, you can assign it to an individual, group or (by using shortnames) an email or a selection from a previous step. Due dates on this step can be set in the same way; calculated based on the due date of a step or the task start/end date, or using a date that has been entered in a previous step.

beSlick will automatically notify the owner of the step when it needs doing. It notifies them as soon as the form is available to do, the day before it is due and the day after it is due (overdue). It notifies them by email, in the web app and on the mobile app. This way you can ensure that forms are always completed on time!

Can I create custom digital forms with the beSlick tool?

Yes, you can create forms in beSlick with a number of different field options including short text, long text, phone number, email, dropdowns, radio buttons and checkboxes – all with different validation types. You can also insert text or attach files to your form, and even embed video, to make them as helpful as possible to the person that needs to complete them.

Any data that has been submitted can be referred to and used later in the task by using shortnames. So a dropdown can be used to assign later steps, or a date field can be used to define the due date of a task as an example.