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Poor input means poor output.

Teams need the right information at the right time, in the right format.

Sending work requests by email means information gets missed, clarifications span multiple people and delivery is slow. This inefficiency is creating unnecessary cost and frustration in your business.

If you want to speed up your delivery projects, track customer requests, manage purchase approvals or create an employee HR portal then Digital Forms is for you.

Instantly boost team productivity.

Anyone can easily create Digital Forms in minutes using the drag & drop builder.

Each time a form is submitted, it creates a task that exactly follows your template process, automatically assigning steps and due dates as needed.

This means each person involved has exactly what they need to do their job. No more searching emails for information or asking people how.

Digital Forms are efficient, automated and trackable – perfect for every team.

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Public Forms

So other departments, clients or prospects can make requests even if they aren’t users.

Data validation

Multiple field types and customizable drop downs validate input in realtime.

Form Linking

Use multiple forms in one template, so different teams can add information as things progress.

Shortname variables

Ues submitted data to assign steps, calculate due dates or to give needed context.

Automated Guests

Automatically invite submitted emails as Guest users to collaborate on later steps in a task.


Everything has an audit trail for compliance, and data can be exported for further analysis.

Because every work request should beSlick

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“Communication used to happen in a very organic but haphazard way … we’ve seen real changes in efficiency and accountability … we’ve got an operating system now.”

Murf, Co-founder, The Beefy Boys