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<span style="font-family: Hero New Bold; color: #1d8397; letter-spacing: -.05em;font-size:1.1em;">be<span style="color: #263248; letter-spacing: -.05em;font-size:1em;">Slick</span></span> UI with populated templates

Automation built-in.

beSlick automates task management… automatically.

Notifications, assignment, scheduling, due date calculations, repeatable templates – the small (but important) aspects of work management.

With beSlick everything is automated to save you time and keep things moving.

Integrate with over 3,000 applications.

You can also integrate beSlick with your other software to automate almost any aspect of your business.

See the full list of over 3,000 connected Zapier applications to save time, lower costs and reduce errors.

Automated Assignment

Use Digital Forms to automatically assign steps to the right people or invite Guests.

Calculated Dates

Calculate dependent step and task due dates based on submitted information.

Form Webhooks

Instantly submit Forms via webhooks, passing data that tailors the task automatically.

Automated notifications

beSlick automatically notifies people when they need to do something, and when it is overdue.

Integrate applications

Use Zapier to connect applications, so a won deal creates invoicing & delivery tasks.

Extract data

When a task is complete, automatically save the relevant information back to your CRM.

Because every activity should beSlick

Time to make work better

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“Now we know where we have process difficulties and can refine, and look for areas to automate. Without beSlick, we couldn’t visualise where to make the efficiencies.”

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions