Business Process Automation and Integration

Save time and reduce errors with beSlick’s workflow automation and thousands of integrated applications.

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Automated task management

Admin tasks eat into your team’s time and keeps them from the work you hired them for. beSlick stops this with built-in automation.

Whether you want to save time or cut errors out of your reporting, use beSlick to automatically assign tasks and steps, calculate due dates, send notifications and more.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra, GetApp and G2.

Supercharged workflow automation with over 3,000 integrations

Integrate beSlick with your other software to automate your workflows and processes, or almost any aspect of your business.

See the full list of 3,000+ connected Zapier applications that will save your business time, costs and errors.

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Why use the beSlick workflow automation and integration platform?

  • Save time and work smarter

    With beSlick’s workflow automation and thousands of app integrations, you’ll empower your team with the tools to deliver their best.

  • Reduce the risk of errors

    Automation cuts out the risk of human error, saving you time and money.

  • Try for free (and cancel anytime)

    Give beSlick a go for free using our 14-day trial. Cancel the trial anytime at no cost.

Automated Assignment

Use Digital Forms to automatically assign steps to the right people or invite Guests.

Calculated Dates

Calculate dependent step and task due dates based on submitted information.

Form Webhooks

Instantly submit Forms via webhooks, passing data that tailors the task automatically.

Automated notifications

beSlick automatically notifies people when they need to do something, and when it is overdue.

Integrate applications

Use Zapier to connect applications, so a won deal creates invoicing & delivery tasks.

Extract data

When a task is complete, automatically save the relevant information back to your CRM.

Because every activity should beSlick

Time to make work better

14 day trial, convert to paid or free (max 3 users). No card required. Our privacy policy.

"beSlick manages all of our projects & procedures. Everyone uses it every day, we can't live without it now."

Sheryl Soukup, President, Soukup Strategic Solutions

beSlick key features

To-do manager

Stress free, collaborative, integrated with your email and on your mobile

iOS | Android | Outlook | Gmail
Simplified screenshot of My Tasks personal todo manager in beSlick
Team Task Management

Assign checklists, track team tasks & projects to improve collaboration

Screenshot of a Task checklist with comments in beSlick
Workflow & process

Build your processes in a searchable library to improve consistency

Digital Forms

Build forms with task automation to increase productivity

Screenshot of Digital Forms field configuration using shortnames
Reporting & Compliance

Realtime operational visibility with time stamped audit trail

Screenshot of a Template Report in beSlick
Integration & Automation

Reduce errors and spend less time on routine activity

Zapier triggers and actions supported by beSlick

14 day trial, no card required. Our privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the beSlick workflow automation tool compatible with CRM systems?

Yes, we support integration with over 3,000 applications including Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot by using Zapier as a no-code middleware integration software. Zapier is incredibly useful, and once you’ve started using it with beSlick you will find many ways to save time and reduce cost in your business through the power of automation.

Can I set due dates and reminders on the beSlick automation platform?

Yes, absolutely and you can be very flexible in how you set due dates. When you create a task, both the task itself and any steps within it each have a due date (and owner). Due dates can be dependent on when the task started, or work backwards from when it is due (for example a customer go-live date or webinar).

You can even set due dates for after a task is due to be completed, such as a follow up call to check how an employee’s first month has gone in onboarding. You can set due date dependencies based on steps, such as when a proposal must be done within 3 working days of a sales enquiry is being received.

As soon as something is overdue, the platform makes this very clear to both the user and in the management reports. A user is notified of a task or step due date in three ways, in the web app, on the mobile app and by email. They are notified as soon as something is available to do, the day before it is due and the day it is overdue, so it becomes very hard to miss something and everything just starts to run like clockwork.

Can I try the beSlick automation and integration platform for free?

Yes! You can subscribe to beSlick at no cost when you sign up to our 14-day free trial. Or you can choose our free plan that’s free forever for up to three users.

Can I share the beSlick automation and integration platform outside of my organisation?

Yes, you can collaborate externally with beSlick in a number of ways;

  • Templates can be shared externally, by enabling a public link so that anyone can view. This can be used for wider training of employees, to demonstrate compliant operations with clients or auditors, or to check it is an accurate workflow with someone that might be involved.
  • You can also invite anyone to be a guest user, which is a free license. They will be prompted to create a secure password enabled account and once they have joined they will only be able to see tasks that they are involved in, and only able to interact with steps that have been assigned to them. Templates or comments on steps they are not involved in will remain hidden.
  • The guest user feature is great when used with clients for onboarding or as part of work approval, and also an excellent way to support onboarding and training of new employees.