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Welcome to beSlick, formerly known as Process Bliss.

Our mission is to help you gain maximum value from our service, whatever stage your business is at.

Process isn’t about control, monotony and the death of creativity.

Implemented correctly it provides empowerment, autonomy and creativity for employees, and allows you to accelerate improvement by harnessing your team’s collective brainpower.

“In 2013, I was running my previous business and I was constantly frustrated.

I had a demotivated team of 12, I was working 80 hours a week and we couldn’t scale the business.

However, fast forward five years… we had grown to service 20,000 customers in over 40 countries.

The tool I used to do this became beSlick.”


Alister Esam

CEO, beSlick

The Dirty Word can unlock business freedom

People associate process with control, monotony, routine, the status quo and with an overall death of creativity. It’s a Dirty Word they try to avoid.

I discovered that if implemented correctly process provided empowerment, autonomy and creativity for employees and delivers business freedom with total reassurance that the business is running itself.

It also enabled me to massively accelerate improvement in my business by harnessing my team’s collective brainpower.

I found this journey so liberating, that alongside building a platform to help others I have also written a book.

It looks at why process is so important, why people get it so wrong and make it so horrible, and how to put it in place in a new way which can change the whole culture of a business.

Alister Esam, CEO beSlick

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be Brave

We must be willing to challenge others. If we have an idea or if we feel something could be done differently we must not be scared to say so.

be Empowering

We encourage people to take responsibility and ownership, and empower them to shape those things they own how they wish.

be Respectful

We are respectful of others, we consider others’ viewpoints. Background and diversity are assets and we will listen equally to everyone.

How we at beSlick will help our clients succeed

We’re focused on developing simple software that people enjoy straight away.

We will not only make the software easy to get to grips with for leadership, but also for their teams.

Not everyone may understand the broader purpose of the software or the benefits, so we have to ensure that it improves their working life dramatically and straight away. It should be obvious to the user how to do what they need to.

When we develop extra features we will always retain simplicity in the product.

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People working outside at a cafe smiling at each other

We believe in empowerment.

People say process has to be controlling, that you can’t provide process and empower.

We beg to differ.

Within beSlick, one of the most important features that sets our platform apart is the functionality for people to ignore the process or bypass a step.

It’s included because we know people are smarter than process.

We solve the process problem for our clients – our clients’ problems are our problems.

We are a resource that helps solve their problems. We have to provide more than just the software; we aim to provide whatever it is they need to fix process in their businesses.

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