Collaborative team task management automated by your processes

Never let another deadline slip with beSlick task tracking software.
  • Collaborative task management
  • Tasks based on your processes
  • Mission critical tasks
  • Mobile & email integration

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be Consistent

Create templates that allow your team to manage and monitor repetitive tasks with ease, with clear accountability at every step.

be Informed

Gain clear oversight of task progress and status, what is overdue and what couldn’t be done. Easily keep on top of all critical activity.

be Efficient

Integrated forms & automation keep everyone productive. Notifications & reminders ensure nothing gets missed.

Project management for your entire team in one place

View and manage everyone’s work in real time.

Seamless team collaboration that keeps your business focused on the tasks that matter most.

Integrated with your email and also available on mobile – teamwork can be easier.

What is task management?

Task management is the process of organising, prioritising and tracking tasks.

A proven way to enhance productivity, the aim of task management is to ensure that everything from minor tasks to complex projects is completed on time and to the right standards.

Uniquely, beSlick manages all of your team tasks whether a project, ad hoc or based on your business processes.

This provides a centralised platform that makes every team member’s work, progress and performance visible – enabling better consistency, communication and organisation.

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Benefits of using task management software

Improved collaboration

  • Task management software unifies teams and departments, streamlining communication, collaboration and file sharing to create better outcomes.
  • It enables quick problem resolution and encourages accountability, preventing project delays no matter where your people are working.

Efficient resourcing

  • Task management tools helps you better understand where your resource is going, where it’s needed and where you can take it from.
  • It will prevent bottlenecks and replace them with streamlined workflows and efficient project progression.

Better planning

  • With a single, centralised task management platform, you can break projects down into individual tasks and organise, prioritise and track them in real time.
  • If things aren’t going to plan and you need to change course, you have all the information in one place to make the right decision.

Enhanced workflow

  • Task management software fosters communication and collaboration to strengthen any workflow – no matter how many stakeholders.

Real-time monitoring

  • Enabling immediate updates and team notifications, task management tools help workers and teams make immediate tweaks and changes as soon as they’re flagged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of task management?

The most common examples of task management are personal time management, which involves using tools and techniques to organise and prioritise daily tasks and personal goals on an individual level, and team-based task management, which is the same but within a collaborative group.

There’s also project task management, involving breaking down projects into tasks, setting deadlines, allocating resources within a team and monitoring progress. And finally workflow management, which is about managing a set workflow and involves automating processes and tracking task completion.

How do you manage tasks effectively?

To manage tasks effectively, start by clearly defining your objectives and breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Then prioritise those tasks based on urgency, importance and their deadlines, and allocate the rights resources – be that time, or if you’re working in a team, people – to complete each task.

As you work through those tasks, regularly monitor their progress and, if you’re working with others, also regularly update your team to ensure that everyone is aligned. If priorities, timings and circumstances change, adjust plans as necessary.

The best way to effectively and productively manage your tasks is by using task management software.

Can I try task management with beSlick for free?

Yes! We offer a free plan that’s free forever for up to three users. And we also offer a 14-day free trial to users of our standard offering, which is our best option for small teams.

Is beSlick task management software built for teams?

Our task management software is all about helping teams track their tasks and projects better, improve how they collaborate and enhance their productivity. While beSlick offers many features that are great for individuals, like our to-do manager, we exist to help entire businesses streamline their operations to focus on the work that matters.