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Compliance, change management, process implementation or process consultancy – whatever business services you need our partners can help.

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Deliver change that sticks

You’ve spent valuable time redesigning and improving your customers’ processes. But how do you prevent your customers from reverting back to their old ways? beSlick embeds process into everyday activity. It gives the people performing the process the resources and guidance to do a good job every time.

We’re interested in both referral & implementation partners that want to deliver the best standards of service to their clients.


Bring value to their business

Make it easy for your customers. Give them a software solution they’ll want to use daily. beSlick is simple by design and your customers’ new processes can be up and running very quickly. 

Build longer term relationships with clients

For ongoing relationships with your customers, you need a way for process to continually evolve in their organisation. beSlick collects feedback from those performing the process, giving you the data to help your customers continuously improve.


Interested in becoming a beSlick partner? 

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Our Partners

Optiworks specialise in empowering businesses to efficiently document their processes, laying the groundwork for seamless operations. With their expert guidance, companies can transform their working methods by meticulously analysing existing processes and implementing tailored optimisations for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Click here to find out more.

Process Envision are a pure process mapping consultancy that helps public and private sector organisations understand their business processes. They are clear, open and transparent in what they can and cannot provide in the way of services. They do not sell software solutions but support the training and implementation in a select few. Click here to find out more.

HRCentral help take away the pain of HR by supporting SME owners across the Thames Valley to save time and alleviate stress by outsourcing their recruitment and HR function. Click here to find out more about HRCentral.

Hilton Productivity Services works with retail, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics enterprises who are looking for expert support in streamlining their business operations through process improvement and workforce planning. They work alongside their client’s people to develop solutions based on tried and tested Lean management and process improvement techniques so that clients can improve business efficiency, save money and benefit from clear workplace structures and increased morale. To find out more about Hilton, click here.

Time-Scale helps busy entrepreneurs to free themselves from working in their business so that they can work on their business to massively improve their results. They work with entrepreneurs to introduce systems into their businesses that set the business on auto-pilot so that they can focus on growing the business. By having a business on auto-pilot business owners will save an incredible amount of time and that means:

  • Amazing business growth as you can focus on revenue generating activities
  • Head space to focus on creativity and the setting the direction of your business
  • Time to grow your network and profile to generate more business

Click here to find out more about Time-Scale.

Solvaa is a process and automation consultancy specialising in improving sales, operations and financial administration workflows. They help you to simplify and streamline existing processes, integrate your business tools to make data transfer more efficient, automate manual tasks to increase productivity, visualise timely and accurate KPI reporting and document the new process. You can find out more about Solvaa here.

Clearsight Consulting help organisations understand where their process related inefficiencies and challenges originate from. Through interviewing the subject matter experts, Clearsight document how they actually operate today – not how they should operate or how management thinks they operate. This information is used to develop, document and implement improved ways of working in conjunction with the client. Click here to find out more.

KR5 Consulting are a business technology consultancy helping ambitious owners to scale and exit. KR5 find that some are anxious about scaling, others feel frustrated with lack of progress, and a few are concerned with lost opportunities. They help build the business systems and capacity to accelerate, increase profits, scale-up, acquire customers and beat the competition. KR5 provide a unique approach that delivers high-level views for the board, along with incremental and practical implementation. Click here to find out more.

Rathlin provides strategic IT advice to allow organisations to move forward. Rathlin’s mission is to support small to medium sized businesses to leverage the latest IT to help businesses increase productivity, profit, customer satisfaction and to simplify usage and decrease costs. You can find more about Rathlin here.

Being able to offer a smart tool that makes managing processes and tasks much more straightforward for our customers is a no-brainer, and beSlick ticks every box.

Paul Elson-Vining

Managing Director, Process Envision

Helping our clients to discover and design better ways of working is only part of the solution. Without a way to make those changes stick, we find that people sometimes drift back to their old habits. beSlick helps address that challenge by ensuring and evidencing that the new process is successfully adopted.

John Stanton

Director, Clearsight Consulting

Once we have helped our clients to streamline their processes, it is crucial to document the new and improved process for users, allowing for consistency in repetition. beSlick provides a robust and adaptable solution that enhances adoption of new processes and applies accountability for those concerned. And with our holistic approach to business processes in mind, the integration with Zapier opens up the opportunity to automate tasks in other parts of the client’s tech stack, to increase productivity further.

Kelly Goss

Director, Solvaa