beSlick helps Universe Financial Advice take control of their productivity once and for all

It’s no secret that Universe Financial Advice care about their customers. They’re passionate about providing a tailored service that helps their clients achieve the very best when it comes to their financial futures. Universe Financial Advice is committed to doing things their way – by delivering independent financial advice on a strictly human-to-human level. They aim to provide customers with clarity in complicated and confusing financial situations, and with the help of beSlick they’re well on their way.
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Director and Independent Financial Adviser of Universe Financial Advice, Taylor Beavis MLIBF DipFA PETR, worked in the banking industry for 6 years before boldly making the leap into the world of independent financial advice. Taylor founded Universe Financial Advice in December 2018, and since then the business has worked hard to deliver clear, effective, and competitively priced independent financial advice. Universe Financial Advice prides itself on its “all-encompassing”, friendly, and customer-centric approach.

The challenge

Universe Financial Advice are experts at simplifying their customer’s finance-related problems, but their internal processes proved to be increasingly challenging.

A need for repeatable process

When your business has difficulty managing its repeatable processes it doesn’t just affect the work that still needs to be completed, it takes precious time away from future jobs and queries too. The result of having inefficient processes can mean that day-to-day your business performance is reactive rather than proactive. Universe Financial Advice pinpointed that it needed to improve internal processes to quickly and effectively identify a growing number of tasks needing to be completed. Left unaddressed, there’s no doubt that this issue would have become more complex and difficult to deal with as time went on.

Difficulty tracking the progress of tasks

Knowing what tasks are a priority, when they need to be finished by, and at what stage of completion they’re at are all crucial to have control of when you’re running a business. The team at Universe Financial Advice found that they were wrestling to systematically manage their ongoing tasks in an effective way. They were looking for a solution that equipped them with the right tools to lighten their administrative workload and delivered much needed oversight over the tasks at hand.

Poor productivity

Spreadsheets have their uses, but they aren’t an efficient tool if you have to take the time out of your day to manually track tasks and to-do lists. Universe Financial Advice recognised that their current system of working was incompatible with their workload, and was a serious drain on their productivity as a business. Not only that, but their attention was being increasingly hijacked by time-consuming admin instead of being able to dedicate their energy towards their customers.  

The solution

beSlick is software that enables you to map out all your processes and ensure that they are performed the same way by everyone, every time. It means your business will be able to run without you – giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what you enjoy most.

With increasing their productivity at the very core of their game plan, Universe Financial Advice needed a way to improve their internal day-to-day business activities and task management processes. Their aim was to ensure they were consistently achieving the highest standards possible, which started with having the time to commit their energy back towards their clients. A key element in their strategy was to use the beSlick software to help facilitate this goal.

Taylor Beavis, Director of Universe Financial Advice, explains his experience of using the beSlick software:

beSlick was recommended to me by a friend and thus it was actually the first system of this type that I had used. The software is extremely easy to use. 10/10, I would recommend it!

The Results

Quicker to train new employees

The beSlick software makes it quick and easy to bring new employees up to speed on company procedures. Every business process is clearly documented and organised for everyone to see at all times. Employees have all the tools they need to correctly learn and perform every task, every time.

The beSlick software is extremely easy to use. I have successfully trained my new member of staff within a few hours on the processes behind the system. Now she uses it every day.

A more efficient way to run a business

Using beSlick to re-define its internal business processes has enabled Universe Financial Advice to spend more time planning and focusing on what they do best – delivering expert, independent financial advice.

Since using the beSlick software I’ve seen a significant improvement in productivity. I now get more done within a day as I have the ability to plan the day better.

Always learning, always improving

beSlick doesn’t just provide a one-time software download – we’re always available and on-hand to offer users support, information, and ideas at every step on the process journey.

I wanted a company that would work with me and help give me ideas for further improvements to my processes, and beSlick have done just that.

One central library for 'how to do things'

Use the drag & drop process flowchart builder and embed video, docs & guidance to make things clear

Ensure everything
gets done

Execute as dynamic task checklists with automated notifications, dependent dates and owners for every step

Gain clear
progress visibility

View all task progress, what is on track and what is overdue, using summary dashboards or detail reports

Collaborate on what needs doing

Communicate, @mention & resolve issues as a team (even Guests), keeping a record of everything discussed

Save time with integration

Integrate & automate with over 2,000 applications including your CRM, email & finance software

Reduce cost of compliance

Manage audits, feedback, track process success and record ‘why not done’, with audit trails and timestamps throughout

Because every team should beSlick.